“Influencer” in influencer marketing is a word that means a person who has a great audience more like a family who listens to him and follows him. It is an entity that influences the purchasing behavior of general consumers in order to increase the profits of companies. In recent years, most of them are promoting to their followers, mainly on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Influencer Marketing, word of mouth marketing is a way to promote products and services through opinion leaders. The method was previously only used in television commercials, where famous actors rave about headache pills, dishwashing detergent or sausage from a particular manufacturer. Today, influencer marketing, which has survived on television, has largely moved to the digital space. And instead of actors, bloggers became opinion leaders.

Who are influencers?

For influencer marketing from Instagram Influencer Agency India to work, three things are important. These are the reach of the audience, the credibility of the blogger with the audience, and the strength of the connection between the blogger and his subscribers.

Bloggers through whom brands promote products are called influencers. Each of them has a large circle of friends and many admirers, to whom they can sell almost any product, trying them on themselves.

There are 4 types of influencers: 

Mega Influencers: Mega-Influencers with an audience of over a million people. Not always pop stars or professional actors. Their audience is very heterogeneous; there are both admirers and haters (people who try to answer with a caustic note to any blog post). The cost of posting ads for such influencers can go up to several million.

Macro Influencers: Macro influencers have an audience of over 100 thousand people. Most often these are people who immediately began to promote themselves as bloggers, as well as models, athletes, those who are associated with art and fashion. Their audiences are simpler, clearer and more homogeneous.

Micro Influencers: Microinfluencers are bloggers or content creator with more than 10 thousand subscribers. As a rule, a friendly atmosphere reigns in microblogging, and the audience is more willing and more active to listen to the advice of their opinion leaders.

Nano Influencers: Bloggers and content creators with 5-10 thousand subscribers are called nanoinfluencers. Bloggers in this group have the closest possible connection with subscribers.

Using influencer marketing solutions is both possible and necessary. And there is not always a need to pay millions to bloggers with “millionaires”: it is quite possible to raise sales without investing exorbitant sums using microinfluencers. The main thing is to choose those for which a specific product or service is relevant. So, the advice of a fashion designer in the field of style is more logical than his advice on the choice of tools for woodworking. And advice to buy just such a mayonnaise from a chef will inspire more confidence than from a car mechanic. I hope you are getting the point.


Marketing that utilizes influencers has the characteristic of being “close and real” to consumers, and is a method that holds great expectations for the appeal of corporate products and services. In order to raise awareness and promote business growth, it is important to have influencers who fit the needs of the company make attractive transmissions.