Steel cans are a great example of how much insight goes into the recycling business. Consider these facts: In the last few years.

Progress has been made in the field of steel can recycling resulting in almost 100 percent of cans being recyclable. That’s pretty impressive!

And if you live, you have over 2.5 billion cans recycled each year – which amounts to about 125,000 tons saved from landfills each year.

Car scrap breakers and larger scrap yards account for a significant portion of the recycling industry. Here is how car parts are processed on-site at a car wrecker yard.

We have made massive progress in the recycling industry since the 70s, and it just keeps growing! Take steel cans for example.

Currently, each can is 100% recyclable and over 2.5 billion are recycled every year. That comes to a saving of some 125,000 tons of solid waste annually.

As you’d expect (or should), car scrap breakers and larger scrap yards account for a huge portion of this industry. But how do they work?

There have been massive advances made in the field of mechanics recycling in the last few decades, and we’re still getting better all the time.

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Taking it to Pieces

We take your scrap car and deliver it to one of our trusted local buyers, who are all authorized by the Environment Agency in terms of their safe handling procedures.

Upon arrival, they will drain it of any fluids, including oil and coolant (correct). The engineers then strip the car down to its shell.

They check everything on site – from the engine and battery right down to electronics and stereo. They remove the tires and window glass too.

When we pick up your car, it goes to the local metal scrapyard. The cash for car scrapping professionals at these yards.

All meet the industry’s standards of safety and professionalism for handling heavy machinery. Once at the metal scrapyard, professional engineers drain fluids like coolant and oil from your vehicle.

to make it safe for transportation and environmental regulations. Sometimes parts can still be resold or reused including engine, transmission, electronics, or plastic parts.

These are removed from the car, as well as any other useless item. The components that cannot be resold are recycled instead.

Next, a recycling machine crushes the carcass of your car at this yard where mechanics will cut it apart on site into smaller pieces until they are small enough to fit into a trailer truck which will transport them back to the foundry.

Once there, the metal is melted down in order to be made into new steel products like auto parts – completing our cash for cars process!

Weighing up the options

One of the biggest things that I advise any new entrepreneur to think about is keeping the costs down in terms of labor.

One way to do this is to outsource as much labor to freelancers or other entrepreneurs (that are usually cheaper) and work with them instead of full time employees.

If a freelancer was able to learn from someone who had been doing business for years, it usually means they can also give really great advice.

How you should approach some processes such as making sales online or branding your products. Many people will get discouraged when trying to start their own business.

Because they don’t know how exactly to approach things including marketing or advertising. Having an experienced mentor can be something that eases these problems especially if they already have the backing needed monetary support.

Nothing goes to waste

Once scrap cars have been collected they need to be transported to a recycling facility where they will be sorted and recycled in much the same way as other waste materials.

Each pound of metal within the car can be recycled at least 7 times before it loses its shine and has to be thrown away.

Everything on a car is collected, including paint which is usually reprocessed into paint cans, ceramic tiles from interior flooring, rubber from under carriage components.

Like shock absorbers and all steel parts such as bolts and screws are melted down and recycled. As technology becomes more advanced.

We come up with new ways to recycle different materials because we are aware that many of them become scarce over time so we really should make the most of what we have.

That’s why Scrap Car Network recycles almost every shred of scrap metal for something else so their customers never feel uneasy about leaving their scrap with us knowing that the largest part of it will get used again!

Over time, consumer habits have changed substantially and now more vehicles are being sold than ever before.

The environmental impact of each individual car has increased as they contain far more hazardous materials in various parts.

Cars must therefore be disposed of in a way that will not cause harm to the environment and general public.

So where do we come in

Scrap Car Network is passionately committed to environmental conservation efforts, as evidenced by our work to protect the quality of air during our car recycling process.

We also give back in other ways through donations to a charity that focuses on social causes. If you’re interested in learning more about why we’re your trusted choice for car disposal.

To request an immediate quote for disposal services, please visit us online. At Scrap Car, we’re aggressively hungry to make a better, cleaner world.

That’s why we do everything possible to maintain the quality of our environmental health during the scrapping process. It’s a lofty goal – and yet another reason to choose us!

In addition, we give back to social welfare charity Recycling Lives; benefit number two of choosing Scrap Car. You can read about all the reasons to choose us here.

If you’re already sold, simply enter your details on our website to get an immediate scrap car quote and get started right away!


The automotive industry is a big part of the economy, and we have a large number of scrap cars in the world. So, what do companies do with scrap cars?

Our blog entry today will help you to know the answer to this question. We will also be looking at some of the best companies that buy scrap cars and how you can get the best prices from them.

When a company reaches a point where they are ready to scrap a vehicle such as a car, they will reach out to a company that specializes in buying scrap cars.


What do companies do with scrap cars? These companies essentially take old and unwanted vehicles and recycle them. They are able to do this by shredding the Meta.

Separating the plastic and creating new products from scrap. In addition, companies can also sell the scrap cars to other companies for parts that are still usable.

Scrap Car dealers are a known commodity when it comes to used car buying. They are a part of the auto industry, and serve a specific purpose.

There are a lot of companies that buy junk cars, and there are a lot of people that sell junk cars. Some of these companies are known as junk car buyers.

They will buy your car even if it is not in the best condition. Scrap Car dealers have been around for a while, and they know what they are doing.








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