What Do the Brooklyn Nets Do This Offseason?

The Brooklyn Nets had incredibly high hopes with the duo of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving pairing up and joining the team three years ago. The goal was to claim the NBA Championship together but have failed to do so and are currently a game away from being eliminated by the Boston Celtics in the opening round of the playoffs. This offseason needs some major changes so today we will highlight what they need to do.

Everything a team does is a gamble like they are at an online casino. Let’s dive into what can happen in Brooklyn to make this team successful.

Fire Steve Nash

This seems like a given as it has been reported that coaches are not seeing him as a threat as he is not making proper adjustments. This is clear as the Nets do not run plays, but instead run isolation basketball with one of their two stars.

I am not the type of person that can break down what a coach is doing but remember that Kyrie Irving publicly stated they don’t need a coach. The Nets need to collaborate with their stars and get someone that will push them and focus more on the defensive end.

Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka was an assistant on Nash’s staff last season and has the Celtics dominating so there are clearly better options. Nash and GM Sean Marks have ties together but let the Nash experiment end and hire a veteran coach to lead the way.

Re-Sign Some Key Players

The Nets cap space is going to be an issue this offseason as they will likely have to sign Kyrie Irving to a max contract while having Kevin Durant and Ben Simmons on it as well. Due to that, the roster around them is not going to be as talented. As of this writing, the following players are under contract for next season: Kevin Durant, Ben Simmons, Joe Harris, Seth Curry, Patty Mills (player option), Cam Thomas, De’Ron Sharpe, Kessler Edwards (team option), and David Duke (qualifying offer).

That means important pieces like Blake Griffin, LaMarcus Aldridge, Bruce Brown, and Andre Drummond are all free to leave and find a new team and leave some turmoil.

The Nets need size and can get away with possibly re-signing Drummond and one of Aldridge/Griffin. However, Bruce Brown has stepped up since the James Harden trade and proven to be a solid player. It would not shock me to see him leave with a big contract but Brooklyn needs him.

Figure Out This Ben Simmons Saga

The Ben Simmons saga has been well documented as he last played almost a full season ago and could still have some hurdles his way. He is slated to play in Game 4 of the first round, but it seems like something was always causing him to remain out with Brooklyn. The Nets acquired him at the Trade Deadline and he had a back injury, something a player could fake as it does not show up on an MRI.

Don’t take this as I’m calling Simmons a liar because I am not. But the Nets are a game away from wasting another season of this team’s window to win and Simmons has to be 100 percent mentally and physically. The last time he was on the court, his basketball IQ shut down as he was afraid to shoot the ball.

With a coaching staff currently in place with guys like Steve Nash and assistant coach Kyle Korver, Simmons has to learn how to at least be a consistent scorer inside otherwise this could be a colossal failure.


This season had a lot of issues as Harden wanted out before the Trade Deadline, Irving couldn’t play at home most of the year, and Durant was injured for six weeks. However, those are not excuses as they are on the brink of being swept by the Celtics, a team they defeated in five games a season ago. They need to improve this offseason to ensure there are no weaknesses for this team.

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