Our skin is the biggest organ of our body and it has to be kept clean and free from dirt and bacteria. Skin care is much simpler than the beauty industry tells us. The reality is that the industry needs to continually create demand for consumers to buy more products. While a skincare routine may sound like it requires intensive maintenance, in reality, steps to having healthy skin are not only necessary but very easy to follow. In this article, we’ve listed the steps you need to have better skin and to avoid having early signs of aging.


Basic skincare:

There are only three simple steps to having a basic skincare routine. Make these three steps your daily ritual to make your skin brighter and get ready for your day.



Cleansing is required in your daily skin care routine to remove excess makeup or dirt that is still clinging to your skin, especially if you are outside all day, our skin collects dirt from the air and sticks to our pores without being visible.



Using a toner after washing your face will make it smooth, soft, and it will calm your skin after a long day. Toners often contain ingredients that replenish and restore the skin’s nutrients, which can reduce redness, soreness, and dry patches.



Like cleansers, moisturizers are for any skin type and should be used every time you wash your face. With cleansers, it’s completely normal to go through some trial and error when looking for the right cleanser for your skin type. Moisturizers prevent dry skin and keep it hydrated and smooth. They work best when your skin is slightly damp to lock moisture in your skin.


Extra steps to take:

Here are three bonus steps in your skincare routine. If you have enough time or if you want to give your skin a full treatment, these three extra steps will enhance your skin’s health and will give extra protection from external factors that could affect your skin’s quality.


Sun protection

Some skin care products have SPF, but it’s better to put on sunscreen for full protection from the harsh UV rays. For best results, wear sunscreen with at least 30 SPF every day, even if it’s dark or cold, and even when you’re indoors. Reapply every two hours to keep your skin protected from UVA and UVB rays.



This step removes the top layer of dead skin cells and restores the skin’s suppleness. Exfoliating your skin can be done once or twice a week to give your skin enough time to rest and give room for the production of new skin cells. When exfoliating, you can use your fingers in circular motions to help exfoliate your face evenly. You can also use exfoliating tools such as gloves and silicone brushes.



Another optional addition to your skin care routine is facial serums. Serums contain ingredients like antioxidants and retinol that support skin health in a variety of ways, such as calming redness, preventing blemishes from developing, improving texture, keeping your skin firm, and giving a natural glow.


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