What Features Must Your Online Bulk SMS Tool Have?

With the importance of text messaging across various industries remaining highly beneficial, it is important to choose the right business messaging tool. Choosing the right features will not only ensure efficiency but will guarantee the best text messaging solution today – and in the future.

Look for the following features:

  1. Excellence in the Bulk SMS Basics

The most ideal messaging tool is one that gets all the basics right and your messages getting out there as quickly as possible.

Bulk SMS messaging makes the fastest way to communicate with the customer. It gets the best response rates, uses existing technology, and is mostly the preferred form of contact for the majority of customers.

To achieve this seamlessness, you need an SMS provider with a bulk SMS gateway that guarantees uptime, as well as network redundancy that can systematically reroute the messages if any given channel is compromised.

While at it, remember that security is paramount since you are dealing with crucial data.

  1. Flexibility and SMS Integration

A business messaging tool should be flexible. It should offer you the opportunity to use a preferred platform to send SMS to customers.

As such, look for a bulk SMS provider that offers SMS API integration. This way, you can integrate your text messaging with your existing CRM system.

You can achieve better automation this way not to mention save your business some costs in everything from appointment scheduling to order tracking.

Moreover, if the SMS API offers multiple language use, the better you will quickly build robust SMS applications which include:

  • Web SMS– This is a convenient way of sending and receiving messages directly from your web browser. This option also provides flexible delivery options, advanced reporting tools, as well as several customization options.
  • Email SMS– This SMS application enables you to promptly and quickly send text messages from email platforms such as Microsoft Outlook. When the need for the value-added features of web SMS or SMS APIs is unnecessary, email SMS will provide you with a simple solution for sending single (rather than group) messages.

In a nutshell, you want to choose a bulk SMS provider with a suite that best suits your needs and preferences.

  1. It Must Adapt to New and Future Technologies

Outsourcing bulk SMS services is a huge investment. Therefore, you need it to be long-term, that is, futureproof, and can leverage any new tech as it moves along.

SMS has come a long way. Unlike other services, it hasn’t been phased out by other technological disruptions. But even it is about to evolve.

Integrations and automation are enabling businesses to do so much more across different platforms. Others allow you to create workflows that automatically bring together different channels such as SMS and emailing depending on your needs.

Therefore, make sure that your business’s messaging tool gives room for customization, integration, and flexibility for such efficiencies.


Final Thoughts

The best solution for your bulk SMS marketing needs should always get the basics right fast. It should be fast, reliable, and robust. Also, it should offer flexibility to enable you to integrate it with your preferred platforms. Equally important, it should provide room for future customizations and adapt to new technologies.

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