What is a ketogenic diet and how it helps in reducing your body weight?

We can change our body’s metabolism from carbohydrates to fats as a primary fuel. Most of the time, people have some reservations regarding this metabolic change. But this is what the keto diet is all about.

What is the ketogenic diet?

The Keto diet was developed in the year 1920 for the treatment of epilepsy. Since that time, people are using the keto diet for several medical purposes, including diabetes.

Nowadays, the ketogenic diet is gaining popularity due to its effects on weight loss and fitness.

Keto diet is a diet with an extra-low portion of carbohydrates as compared to other diet options. You can only have about 50 grams of carbohydrates in this diet daily. In some cases, this quantity of carbohydrates and fats can even fluctuate according to the individual needs.

There are different foods in the keto diet, including fat-rich foods, dairy products, and meat. Most of the fruits contain a higher concentration of sugars and carbs. That is why these foods do not comply with the theme of the keto diet. However, you can include a few low sugar berries in your diet.

Types of the keto diet:

There are mainly 4 types of keto diet.

  1. SKD (Standard Ketogenic Diet): It contains fat (70%), proteins (20%), and carbohydrates (10%).
  • CKD (Cyclic Ketogenic Diet): It contains periods or cycles of high-carbs and high fats. For instance, you may have two consecutive high carb days and then five ketogenic days.
  • TKD (targeted Ketogenic Diet): During a workout, you can include additional carbohydrates in this diet type.
  • HPKD (High-Protein Ketogenic Diet): It contains more quantity of proteins to about 35%, 60% fats, and 5% of carbs.

How does a keto diet work?

The ketogenic diet focuses on ketosis to make use of ketones in the body. It restricts the buildup of carbohydrates and their consumption as an energy fuel. Ketosis is the process through which your body’s metabolism changes and shifts to fats.

The fundamental idea behind the keto diet working is fats as the body’s energy fuel. But, in this regard, it is significant to eat only healthy fat.

Not every fat is healthy fat.

In few cases, the body may take some time to get along with the new metabolism. So in such cases, it will be better to take some additional supplements to support your body for this change.

The ketogenic diet is a short-term diet that is not a long term option. Before going to choose this diet option, you should consult with your physician or nutritionist.

The efficiency of the keto diet:

People are very concerned about the efficiency or working of the ketogenic diet for weight loss. If you are wondering about it, then you should know that the keto diet helps in:

  • Decreasing your irregular food cravings
  • Decreasing the production of hormones that stimulate appetite
  • Increasing the burning of calories
  • Promotion of immediate fat loss

However, the weight loss also depends on a few other factors as:

  • Existing weight
  • Metabolic activity of an individual
  • The intensity of supporting workout
  • Compliance with the diet

You may lose about 2-8 pounds of fat on the keto diet in the early phases. With time, you can see significant differences in the physical appearance and internal well-being. If you are looking for additional weight loss support whilst using keto, try the new Sisel Thin. This product helps to support a faster entry into ketosis as well as curbing the appetite. It also has an ingredient that helps support your body’s stress response.  


The ketogenic diet is a working diet for several medical and fitness purposes. You should stay consistent while working with such diets to achieve your goal. The long-term use of the keto diet is unclear yet. It would help if you focused on exercises along with the diet to have your needed fat loss.

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