The photostick is an intelligent storage device that is similar to a flash drive or other storage device but designed for the curation and storage of photos.

There are users who struggle with storing their photo files on local or external storage because of storage concerns. The photostick puts itself ahead of other storage devices by enabling users to find files quickly without having to sort through all available files stored on the device manually. If you work with pictures or just need a convenient way for you to keep your photographs, this is a must-have device.

How to Use a Photostick

The device uses innovative technology to locate files that are stored on it. It automatically scans for duplicate files and removes them, so you do not have to struggle with manually deleting them.

The stick also helps you to automatically sort your photos and makes it easier for you to transfer files between one computer and another. If you want to transfer files between two computers that are far apart, the stick will act as a good intermediary as it will allow you to transfer files while acting as an intermediary. Another beautiful thing about the photostick is that it works on any computer; therefore, you are not hindered if you use a Mac or PC.

Types of Files That Can be Stored

The stick can store a variety of files, and this is one central selling point for the device. JPEG and Gif files are the default files stored on the stick. When inserted into a computer or other device, the stick automatically searches for all JPEG and Gif media, then it copies, sorts, and stores these files.

If you want to add other file types such as BMP, MPEG 4, .mov, tiff, and AVI, you will need to manually search for the file and add it to the stick. The beauty of the stick is that there are no compatibility issues when you are using the stick, regardless of the file type that you save on it.


Storing and saving media can be a pain in the neck, especially if you do not have enough storage on your devices. There are various storage devices you could use, but the photostick is one that will benefit you. It is a smart stick that will help you to sort and curate your photos without any hassle.

By Alex D