Avatar is used for a long time for different reasons. The reason for the creation of an avatar would depend on the developer. The very first avatar’s purpose was to be a character in a game. Currently, it surfaced again with the platform Picrew as many individuals share their unique works on social media platforms. If you’re getting curious about this site carry on reading to learn more!

What is a Picrew Used for?

Picrew as an online character creator is well known to people from all around the world. Picrew had a lot of use since it became prominent in the year 2020. I’ll mention some below to name a few.

  • Website Assistant. Many website visitors choose sites that have a website assistant. This is because it can help them feel comfortable scrolling and browsing available content. Picrew can be used to create avatars for a website that can represent the website. You just need to do a few clicks and you’re good to go. 
  • Character Profile Pictures. Games have character profile pictures that users see first when choosing a character in a game. Character profile pictures play a huge part in games to know which character is your opponent. Picrew allows its users to create character profile pictures. They can either draw it or mix and match the preset to create it.
  • Business Logo. Business Logos are a necessity for business owners as they build a business. It is the signature of the brand/ company that they are creating. Picrew is a very good site that you can use to create business logos. You don’t need in-depth knowledge about it. You can finish it with just a few clicks.
  • Cartoon Avatar. Cartoon Avatars are widely used in the creation of animated videos online. It is used to act as the characters of the story. Using Picrew you can create the cartoon avatars that you need easily. You can select from the wide variety of presets or use your talent in drawing.
  • Social Media Picture. It is known to many that a lot of famous individuals use avatars on their social media platforms. You can create your own unique icon for your accounts using Picrew. Just a few clicks and you’re done.

What is a Picrew?

Picrew is an online avatar maker offered for free. Picrew is a character creator game where anyone at any age can be a creator. Character creation with this tool is easy and convenient. Creation of own presets is very much welcome with picrew. Character creators from around the world are fond of this tool due to being considered an easier method of character customization.

It is an amazing game where you can create the most outrageous characters that you have created in your mind. You can create character profile pictures, cartoon avatars, anime characters, and more. Create your own avatar maker illustrations free of charge and safe from thieves. Visit Picrew to have outstanding character profile pictures.

What is a Picrew Feature?

A Picrew Feature is what makes the site outstanding among the rest platforms that offer the same types of services. Below are some Picrew Features that you should keep in mind to help you decide which site is better for you to use.

  • Free Website. The website is completely free to use. No monthly fees or subscription fees to worry about. It aims to help anyone from all around the world in creating avatars instantly.
  • Variety of Presets. The site has thousands of presets that you can choose from. Picrew offers this as it can help the users hugely in creating the artwork they want with less effort to use.
  • No force sign-ups. By visiting the Picrew site, you’ll know how convenient the site is as they don’t force you to create an account just to be able to design your work.
  • Create Unlimitedly. You can create designs of any kind repeatedly with no worries. Picrew is a platform that can help you develop your creativity for free.
  • Download in JPEG or PNG. When downloading an Avatar you should check first if the file format is compatible with your device. Picrew allows you to download the avatar you created either in JPEG or PNG to help you decide which can suit your device.

How to Create Character Profile Pictures with Picrew

If you’re a game developer you know the struggle of creating Character Profile Pictures. The long process and deep knowledge that you should have to create a unique and eye-catching design for character profile pictures back in the day. The good news is that Picrew is now here to help you with these. Design Character Profile Pictures easily with Picrew.

  1. Create the personality of your character. You need to make the personality of your character before anything else. The personality of your character will have a reflection in the design that you are about to create on your character profile pictures.
  2. Decide the gender of your character. Choosing the gender of the character is a must as it will give you an idea of which presets of clothes to browse on and mix and match.
  3. Start the Customization process. After finishing the two steps you can start creating your character profile pictures. There are thousands of presets you’ll find on Picrew. You can use this or create your own presets and share them with other users.
  4. Finalize your Design. After doing the design of the character profile pictures you need to finalize it. Think and criticize your work if it is the design you’re planning to release.
  5. Download your work. You should download your work after finishing it to avoid it from being discarded. You should download it in a file format compatible with your device. 


‘What is a picrew?’ is an ongoing question asked by many individuals since it started to be highlighted on social media platforms. What is a picrew? Is it a site? Is it an application? What is a picrew used for? Picrew is a site and not an application. It has a variety of use for various reasons. As we have mentioned above you can use Picrew for all the things you need to do related to the creation of Online Avatars. Want to try it out? Visit Picrew and unfold more about what this site can offer.