A promo code is a unique set of symbols that gives you the right to receive a discount when purchasing a particular product right at the stage of ordering.

Sometimes the promosearcher.com website offers users tredz discount code that can be used to get a discount when paying for an item. You can find a discount code in the My promotional codes section of your personal account, on the page with the payment result, in special offers on the website, social networks, and in email newsletters. It will consist of 16 numbers and letters.

How do I use a promo code?

  1. Select the required product on the Planetcards.ru website and click the Buy button.
  2. On the checkout page, in the line Promo code, click on the link “I have a promo code”. A field will appear in which you must enter or insert a promotional code.
  3. You should see the discount amount and the new total. Sometimes you need to wait a few seconds for the promo code to apply and the price to be recalculated. If the code is entered incorrectly, a corresponding warning will appear. An error message will also appear if the promo code cannot be applied to this product. In case you change your mind, the use of the promo code can be canceled.
  4. Now you can safely place an order, you have got the maximum benefit!

If you receive an error message, check for extra characters or spaces in the code, whether it was entered or copied correctly. Also, see the validity period of the promo code. If you cannot find out the cause of the problem, write a request to the Support Service of the site.

Rules for using promotional codes.

  • The list of goods for which the discount applies and the amount of the discount is determined by the seller. A promo code can provide a discount for one product, a category of products, or for all products on the site for which such an opportunity is provided. It can be both reusable and single-use.
  • The promo code is not personalized and is subject to a free transfer to another person.
  • To receive a discount for a promotional code, you must enter it in a special field in the form on the order formation page.
  • Discounts by a promo code cannot be combined with offers for other promo codes and other discounts and promotions.
  • A discount on a promotional code does not imply a refund of the discount amount in cash in any form.
  • The promo code can be used until the specified date. Promo codes unused before the specified date will become invalid.


You have probably already made purchases in Runet online stores? Most likely, in the process of purchasing goods, you came across a window “enter a promo code” in your shopping cart or personal account. Let’s figure it out together and answer the questions: “ What is a promo code? “,” Why do you need a promo code for purchases? “And at the end” where to find it for free and how to use a promo code for a special offer for an order? “.

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By Alex D