Active Noise Cancelation

Active noise cancellation (ANC) is a method to reduce unwanted surrounding noises. This technology uses a couple of high-end microphones to cancel out the atmospheric sounds. This technology was pretty expensive a few years back.  

But lately, a few companies have come up with earbuds with noise cancelling features on a considerable budget. Huawei has launched freebuds 4 with open-fit active noise cancellation technology. The open fit design allows the air pressure to stay equalised. The greater the fit of the earbuds, the more effectively it cancels the noise.  

The History of Noise Cancellation Technology:  

Lawrence Fogel, who is the inventor of the noise cancellation technology, first introduced it in the 1950s. The technology was used in the aviation industry. The pilots used to use this technology to make the flying experience quieter and smoother. Today the technology is used in headphones for greater user experience.  

Advantages of Active Noise Cancellation Technology:  

1. When a person listens to music, the surrounding sounds are the most disturbing thing that can happen. The biggest advantage of this technology is that it effectively reduces sounds. Thus, it makes it easier to listen to the thing the user wants to. Headphones with ANC technology are pretty popular these days. 

2. Also, the user can concentrate even better by wearing headphones featuring the active noise cancellation technology. The user can study or sleep using these headphones or ear buds. Just after a long tiring day, a user needs relaxation.  

If the surrounding is noisy and chaotic, they might lack the much-needed comfort. The technology enables the user to minimise atmospheric sounds. It gives the user peace of mind.  

3. A pair of good quality noise cancelling headphones work pretty well in aeroplanes. The continuous annoying sound of the aeroplane engines reduces to the maximum extent. Otherwise, sleeping in aeroplanes is really troublesome. The unpleasant sound causes headaches sometimes.  

How Does The Active Noise Cancellation Work?  

The technology captures the steadiest sound frequencies, like the humming of aeroplane engines or air conditioners. This system then generates a reverse frequency to cancel out the surrounding noise. 

As a result, you only can hear a milder or reduced sound. With great noise cancelling earbuds or headphones, you might entirely emit the atmospheric sound.  

Noise cancellation and sound proofing are two different things. A user must not confuse between the two. ANC cannot cancel irregular sounds like honking or chatting. But, it works well on continuous steady noise like the humming sound of a drone. Users may pair sound-proof pads and active noise cancellation techniques for best results.  


The active noise cancellation technology actively benefits the users. It helps in concentrating on what the user really intends to listen to. That maximises the lovely experience of listening to a song or podcast. That is why the active noise cancellation technique is one of the remarkable features of high-end headphones. It indicates the great quality of the headphones. 

Actually, invented for aviation pilots, but in modern days this technology is used in headphones. It helps provide adequate noise immersion. This active noise cancellation is extremely useful in live gaming, virtual meetings, and podcast hosting.