Automation in software testing is the process in which software testing is done in an automatic way. It replaces human involvement in software testing. As a machine has fewer chances of errors, it will improve the quality, save time, effort, and make the work more effective.

Uses of Test Automation 

There are several goals often said by the test community and vendors selling test automation services and products. These goals are:

  • Improving the reliability of tests
  • Simplifying test execution
  • Increasing the amount of test coverage
  • Increasing speed of executing test scripts
  • Eliminating boring tasks
  • Shortening software development cycles
  • Saving time and money
  • Minimizing human interaction
  • Reducing maintenance expenses of testing
  • Improving the accuracy of software tests
  • Improving team morale
  • Developing the value of software 

The benefits of automation testing in software testing are:

Quick Feedback

Automation testing takes very little time as compared to manual testing. Manual testing will take days, weeks, or even months to test some software tools, whereas automation testing gives feedback very soon.

Fewer Expenses

Manual testing takes more time; that is why automation testing arises, and it gives the best results. As the process is faster, it saves the expenses of the company. An organization has to spend a lot of money on the manual process, and this is handy and takes fewer expenses.

Saves time

With the help of the automation testing process, you can save time and be helpful in interaction with our other internal teams or clients. By providing them access to automated testing, they can also check the status of the testing or the amount of work that is completed and what is left.

Higher rate of testing

With the help of automated testing, the developer can also check the lengthy tests that were avoided maximum times when it was done with the manual testing. This will enhance the quality of the work.

Better Insights

Automated testing will not only show the result that the test is passed or failed but also tell us that the test is failed due to this specific issue so that developers can work on it and get it corrected. This will help the organization in a better way. This will save their efforts, time and money.

Develop the value of software

As the software created is checked with the accurately used automated testing, so the chances of errors are reduced, and the software becomes 100 percent trustworthy, which will increase the value of the software.

Check more features

One of the best features of automated testing is that it will check the behavior of the software when lots of traffic is there. This is very hard and time-consuming in the manual process.

The workload of the quality assurance team decreases

Automated testing decreases the workload of the quality assurance team as their work has become automated, and they can be used in other tasks of the organization.

Less chances of errors
Man is a statue of mistakes; machines will not make mistakes, as the work has been transferred to the automation technique. Because man can feel tired, machines will not. Humans may avoid issues or adjust that to do the work on a temporary basis, but automation techniques will help us in doing the work with its full accuracy.

Accuracy in work

The best manual testing person in town can cause errors, whereas automation testing can not cause any error in Independent software testing. It will give the same results as many times you run them.


Automation testing in software testing is much better. It saves you both time, money. Manual testing may leave some bugs, but automation testing will provide better results and also at the same time, you can add as much code as you want. This gives feedback at the same time, whereas manual testing will take days and weeks to perform a similar task.

By Roman Jaxon

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