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Every ecommerce business strives to become popular and successful, rapidly. They want to earn profits and keep their customers happy at all times. Apart from working on production, sales, planning, etc., their major focus should also be towards customer service. No business wants to lose their old customers while making relationships with the new ones. And, customers in today’s time want immediate and prompt attention. 

One of the best and dynamic ways to communicate with the customers is the live chat support. With it, any business can turn a normal conversation into a conversion and help in establishing a long-lasting relationship with the customer. The live chat service provider has agents who are skilled and trained to go beyond the expectations of the customers and enhance their experience while communicating. If the customer is happy, the sales will grow automatically. It is critical in today’s time to offer a live chat support that is beneficial for the customers. 

What is Live Chat?

Live chat is nothing but a tool that allows communicating online, like Google chat, Facebook messenger, etc. It enables two people to exchange private text messages like links, documents, and images. A business can download from the several live chat software available and engage their website visitors by replying to their queries or telling them about the offers. Your chat service provider agent could be sitting remotely anywhere across the globe and still be handling your chat support. 

Live chat enables faster resolving of the customer’s issues and the customers feel happy to get prompt responses. This channel is 100 times faster than other channels like emails, phone support, etc. 

Here are a few reasons as to why live chat support is important for businesses:

1. Know about customer issues

Live chat is an exchange of text messages, which get stored or recorded unlike phone calls which make it hard to analyze the customer’s issues. With a live chat support services company, you can have analysis of the chat and identify the issues being faced by the customers. Similarly, email data is also difficult to manage and organize as compared to live chat support data. The administrators can access all the chat histories, filter them, and search the customer problems very quickly. Thus, live chat support helps in determining the problems of their customers and finding out ways to solve them too. 

2. Enhance customer satisfaction

A happy and a satisfied customer is an asset to the organization. If the customers feel taken care of and looked after, they will surely be happy. Live chat support helps businesses in answering their questions immediately. Moreover, the customers need not memorize the phone number or email id, they can simply visit the website and start the live chat. The chat service provider agents can share instructional videos, FAQ links, documents, etc. via live chat to help the customers. Even the customers can share their screens to give a better understanding of their issues to the agent. Thus, live chat boosts customer satisfaction. 

3. Boost sales

Live chat channel is not only taken as a support service, but is also a trigger for boosting sales. Businesses can take help of this interactive tool to help a confused online customer or a visitor to recommend their products, services, or offers. If a visitor starts chatting with the support agent with their problems or queries, the agent can help them and also promote the brand. It is a very engaging platform and is an efficient way to augment sales, with 100% return on investment. 

4. Ease for customers 

If the overall service or quality of product of a business is good, the business becomes successful. With live chat support, the brand becomes easily accessible by the customer as it is just a click away. If the clients can easily contact the support team of a brand, they like it and also recommend the brand to their friends and relatives. 

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5. Reduce expenses

Businesses must know that the live chat support services company charge much less than the telephone support as it involves more expensive hardware and software. Moreover, the telephone agents charge more than live chat support agents. It is found that the live chat service costs 17% less than a phone call service. Expenses are extremely important for businesses and live chat service helps them stay in budget and in fact save more. There is no need to give training to live chat agents and they can handle more than two chats simultaneously.