The lamps that can be installed in the living room are: 1. chandeliers, which are more suitable for living rooms with sufficient floor height; 2. ceiling lamps, which can create a warmer and more refined feeling; Lighting; 4. Modern track light, which can illuminate some dead corners and make the living room brighter; 5. No main light combination, suitable for minimalist living rooms.


  1. Chandeliers

The chandelier is more suitable for the space with sufficient floor height, because when the chandelier falls, it must reach a height of at least 40 cm. If the floor height is relatively short, it is easy to meet with the chandelier. The advantage of chandeliers is that there are many styles. When using chandeliers, you can choose different styles according to different decoration styles. The more popular types of chandeliers on the market today are the circular geometric chandeliers and the metallic spherical chandeliers.


  1. Downlight

Strictly speaking, the downlight is a kind of auxiliary light. When installing the ceiling, it can be arranged in more points. After using the downlight, the lighting will become more uniform and more atmospheric. Especially the surface mounted downlight will make the lighting of the living room more layered.



  1. Ceiling light

For a small-sized house, it is wise to choose a ceiling lamp, because the ceiling lamp can create a warm and delicate feeling, and the use of the ceiling lamp will not reduce the height of the house. The feature of the ceiling lamp is that the light is very soft and uniform. This kind of lamp is suitable for most ordinary households. There are three types of ceiling lights: positive white light, warm yellow light and warm white light, which are relatively cost-effective.



  1. Track lights

If the living room is going to use the track lights alone, you can choose not to do the ceiling, so that after the track lights are installed, you can choose to remove them at any time. This kind of lighting has a wide range of applications, not only in the living room, but also in the porch or kitchen. The characteristic is that the irradiation range is relatively wide, and it can also be used as a local lighting fixture. At present, the most popular on the market is the magnetic suction track light system. Magnetic track light is a combined product, mainly composed of three parts: track, light body and switching power supply. Through the magnetic adsorption technology, the lamp components are adsorbed on the track. The track adopts low-voltage power supply, and the driver can be removed from the lamp body. The entire track and lamp can be made very small and exquisite


  1. No main light combination

Some families choose not to have a ceiling when decorating the living room. At this time, it is more appropriate to choose a combination without a main light. For example, downlights, light strips and track lights can be combined and used together, so that the lighting effect of the entire living room will be better, and it will also be particularly delicate.

Which lighting brands can you choose for above led lights?

The well-known indoor lighting brands on the market include Philips, Osram, NVC, etc. The quality of these brand lamps is relatively stable, but the price is very expensive. For some projects with cost budget, or wholesalers, it is a better option to find a reliable indoor lighting such as LED downlight factory in China. The reliable led light manufacturer will provide the high quality led lights with Philips, Osram, LiFud driver and Philips chips at competitive price.

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