The New York Jets have the fourth and 10th picks in the 2022 NFL Draft and have the potential to drastically improve their roster. There are a lot of ways the draft can go as they do not control their faith of who they can select. Today, we are going to discuss three players they should go after with their two picks.

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Sauce Gardner (Cincinnati)

Ever since the Jets traded away Darrelle Revis almost a decade ago, they have not been able to find a shutdown corner and Sauce Gardner should be their guy. Also, it’s important to mention that the Cowboys have participated in and won the Super Bowl multiple times, so grab your Cowboys tickets today and see the game yourself.

We also have to talk about how he played in college. He never allowed a touchdown in his entire collegiate career and though that will probably be not happening in the NFL. However, the Jets need to be able to win on the defensive side as they struggled throughout the year and that elite talent will really help them improve in their pass defense.

Jameson Williams (Alabama)

This one is a little more controversial as there are a few wide receivers that can end up here. I went with Williams for a few reasons as he provides some incredible talent and fits in this scheme. Williams really only had last season as a chance to prove his talents on the collegiate field. He finished his last season with the Alabama Crimson Tide with 79 receptions for 1,572 yards (19.9 yards per reception) and 15 touchdowns and playing in Alabama means he is used to an elite program.

However, he is recovering from a torn ACL and will likely miss the beginning of the regular season. He seems to be the wide receiver that will mesh well with Zach Wilson in an RPO offense. Don’t let the injury take away from his talent as it could be a huge addition to the roster and really help Wilson develop at the quarterback position.

Deebo Samuel (San Francisco 49ers)


I know he isn’t being drafted, but the Jets seem to be super aggressive in the trade market after not being able to get Tyreek Hill. They are ready to get talent around their franchise quarterback to help him develop in his second season in the National Football League.

Samuel does not want to be used as a running back, which makes sense as he wants to be paid as a wide receiver. However, if the Jets want to make a great offer that San Francisco might not be able to refuse, they offer the 10th pick in this draft for Samuel. He is about to be in his fourth season and needs to showcase his talents in Gang Green.

Unlike any of these players in the actual draft, he has tape against the NFL players. Samuel also comes from San Francisco, where Saleh and offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur are previously from and have seen Samuel in person. This fit just makes so much sense.


The Jets have a chance to continue building and can address issues on both sides of the ball. General Manager Joe Douglas has shown the ability and willingness to move on from some of his draft capital this offseason and needs to have a home run in the draft as there is some very good talent that could become cornerstones of this New York Jets franchise and put them in contention for the AFC East and even just a playoff berth after a decade without making it.