What to Consider When Selecting a Preschool in Singapore


Education is an important gift any parent can give their children. When you have a small kid, the best education for rapid development occurs when they spend time at a good preschool. Your kid will learn different lessons, interact with others, and gain some knowledge essential for the rest of their lives. Therefore, it’ll be essential to consider choosing the right preschool for your kid. With the numerous preschools in Singapore, it might be challenging to choose the right one. Nonetheless, this article provides the factors you need to consider to get a leading preschool in Singapore for your kid’s early education.

  1. Environment

When selecting a preschool for your kid, it’s vital to ensure the environment is a top priority on the list of things you’re considering. Kids need environments where they are comfortable and free from any stress, enhancing their mental growth. Pick a preschool that offers the best nurturing environment to develop your kids holistically. While checking the environment, consider the class sizes and decoration as they may be great features to stimulate the kids to learn. In addition, check for pictures, drawings, and crafts from the prior students on the walls, to showcase what they teach and enhance creativity among the kids

  1. Communication

When looking for a leading preschool in Singapore, it’ll be essential to consider checking for proper communication. The school must offer the correct information and a suitable channel about their kid’s whereabouts to the parent. Effective communication is vital for the parent to understand more about the development and progress of the child. It’s essential to check how the teachers engage the parent on matters concerning their kids. Choose a school that provides the right link from the kids, the teacher, and the parent.

  1. Staff

The staff at the preschool will be the essential medium you can use to understand the school’s philosophy and services. When checking for the staff, it’s good to check the ratio of the teachers to students and how they interact with the children and parents. Have a conversation with the staff to have a glimpse of the attitude they’ll have towards your kids. In addition, check if the school has the appropriate teacher to children ratio, and they should present the type of training for these teachers. It’ll help improve the learning experience and development progress of your kids while attending school.

  1. Curriculum

The curriculum is essential when choosing a leading preschool in Singapore. Check for the proper curriculum to aid the rapid development of your kid and enhance a good learning experience. The best curriculum should develop topics based on the interests and needs of the children. The curriculum will also involve any outdoor learning activities because the learning shouldn’t be in the classrooms alone. Ensure several outdoor walks or field trips to allow your kids to connect and apply what they learn to the practical or real world.


The choice of your kid’s preschool is an essential step in their development, as a good preschool will enhance the rapid development and progress of a child’s education. Most individuals find it a daunting task to choose the best preschool for their kid’s needs and education due to the numerous choices and factors to consider. This guide provides the priority factors to consider when choosing a leading preschool in Singapore for your kid’s progress and development.