With AniMixPlay, watching Anime has never been so easy for anyone. The site has provided a huge comfort to all desperate fans with its free, fast, and secure interface. The site supplies all the satisfaction in one place.

But sometimes the site shows weird glitches and bugs which cause unavailability of the site. Some of the servers are under maintenance, So try not to worry about anything. We have gathered some simple short and easy tips that could save your time to access the site. But First, let’s see what can be probably the cause of the AniMixPlay down. So let’s jump into it.

Why Server is Not Working?

This is the most common issue of many sites where it becomes really hard for users to access the site. The site shows no response to some users. But for some other user, the site works normally. So This is actually a glitch in the server that makes things unavailable for a certain individual. You can make things right by trying some of our short tips. This will normalize the site and it will start working like normal. Try these when the site shows no response.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

before blaming the site, it’s good to check your internet connection. The site display resources from another third-party site. So you need to have a fast and strong connection. Many AniMix Play Reddit fans complain that a small change in speed changes the resolution of streaming. Its because it needs a strong connection to rejoin all resources. This site is actually working like a middle man.

So keep your wifi or Mobile data strong while streaming. Other problems like

2. Try Vpn

Vpn can put a huge impact on the performance of the website. As for some certain areas, the site may be unavailable or maybe got blocked by ISP. So stay calm and try a Vpn. This will resolve your problem easily. So if the site is not responding, next time you can try this tip.

For getting Vpn, there are a lot of options like free Vpn or Paid Vpn. In the free version, there are ads. While paid versions are a lot more improved and ads-free. You can use one if you don’t want to spare some extra money.

3. Check Storage Space At Devices

The most common problem in the android device is the crashing apk or not the app stop working. This is mainly because you’re using the app without checking your storage space. You need to have a good amount of space in the device. To keep things working try to check the storage again.

If you haven’t got much space in it. Try to delete some of your useless apps or file or get Extra storage like an SD card. This will allow you to get enough space on your device.

4. Try Alternative.

When we talk about free and fast content, there isn’t any alternative to that. But if you really want to watch Anime but the AniMixPlayer isn’t working right. So you can actually try some other cool site. That delivers the same fun at most times.

Here are some of the few AniMixPlay Alternatives.

  2. Funimation.
  3. Crunchyroll.

These are some of the most common alternatives that are fast and free. Some of their content is paid but you can have fun until the site gets back.


The site is undoubtedly very good to perform but can get annoying when the site isn’t showing any response. This can be because of the heavy user load on the server. People think of AniMixplay demon Slayer of all Anime. It’s completely true that Animixplay anime provides a great time.

So when it gets down, don’t panic, stay calm, and wait for some time. The site will get back online. hope you like our review.

You can also watch anime from simply a weeb website.

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