What Type of Cases Can Your Sex Crime Lawyer Handle?

Sex crime allegation is one of the heaviest allegations that can ruin a person’s reputation. A sex crime lawyer handles the legal matters on behalf of someone who has been accused of a crime related to sexuality. Defendants can expect several penalties if they are convicted.

The punishment includes prison time, a proper amount of fines, being registered as a sex offender, and more so reputation loss in the public eye. A conviction can follow you life-long. Mountain defense is not an easy job. Let’s focus on the cases a sex crime lawyer can handle. 

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a shameful act against any human being, where Humans are being sold and used as sex objects, slaves. The most brutality happens with women and children. Often teenage girls and women are forced to get involved in prostitution.

A felony human trafficking conviction can cause one fine of up to $250,000. A person found guilty can be punished for life imprisonment. If you face cases related to human trafficking  

Sexual assault

Sexual assault is counted as a felony. Sexual assault is when you make someone feel sexually uncomfortable by touching parts of their body. It includes inappropriate touches up to penetration. If a person is found guilty, the charges can be up to 7 years of conviction.

Sexual assault is lighter than rape but still a crime to be punished. If you are ever accused of such guilt, you can take the help of a sex crime lawyer. He can negotiate to reduce the charges against you. If you are innocent, he will be the one to protect you from false accusations.  

Internet Sex Crime

The Internet has become a medium of both good and bad things. It has been used to misuse someone’s photo inappropriately. Watching pornography in public places using the Internet is also a crime. Forcing someone, incredibly a minor, to watch so is the guilt of the same category.

Internet sex crime includes sending someone filthy messages, photos against her wish, and the penalty depends on the heaviness of a particular offense. A sex crime lawyer can defend one under such circumstances. He can simplify the matter by analyzing what happened.

A tactful lawyer can turn the matter in your favor in an appropriate manner. 

Child Molestation

Child molestation is truly offensive. Children are innocent. They must not be objected to anything related to sex. An offender may get sentenced to jail for 4 to 7 years or might be fined up to $10,000. But in case someone is wrongly accused or has been trapped using children in between. He deserves justice and fair judgment.

A sex crime lawyer is a legal professional who can defend you from such cases. 


Whether you are guilty or not, people will take a toll until a matter is proven. Sexual crimes are the most heinous ones. There is no doubt about that. But often, cases are presented wrongly. A thorough investigation is required before reaching any decision. We hope you find our piece of article informative. If it increases your knowledge about the above topic, the purpose of writing is fulfilled.


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