Here are a few things to know if you have not renewed your CCIE certificate till now.  After February 24, 2020, the following recertification policy considers this effect- 

  • The recertification requirement would be every three years.
  • The suspended status would never longer be taken as an option.
  • Candidates can recertify by taking exams, earning points, or combining both.
  • The result of qualifying CE numbers can be increased by 100 to 120 credits.

The continuing education point cap for Cisco live activities and content authoring. For example, writing exam items have been removed. Any CCIE training to maintain their CCIE active or Emeritus status for 20 consecutive years can be given as a CCIE lifetime Emeritus Benefit without any Emeritus renewal fees.

Recertification Details:

For maintaining the active status, CCIE has to have the flexibility for recertifying every 24 months using one of the following functions, which are mentioned below:

  • Earning the required credits through the Cisco Consulting Education program
  • Passing any current CCIE written examination or any CCIE lab examination
  • Giving the current CCDE written exam or any current CCDE lab exam
  • Giving the Cisco Certified Architecture (CCAr) interview and CCAr board review for extending lower certifications

Candidates have to wait 15 calendar days between every CCIE written exam. Certified candidates would be responsible for keeping track of their certification expiry dates. You have to work accordingly. If your CCIE certificate expires soon and your recertification requirements are not fulfilled, you can face a certification ban for at least one year. If you encounter a ban, you need to fulfill your one-year marks by clearing a written examination.

If a candidate cannot clear the examination before the time limit of one year, your employer will be notified. Candidates who are banned for one year and cannot manage to fulfill the written exam of the lab exam will be notified as inactive permanently. The passive candidates will not enjoy the facilities, and they also have to remove those written and lab exams once again

Now, you know all the rules of the CCIE recertification process, you have to clear the CCIE written or lab exam, and you have to have lots and lots of training. The active CCIE status would show your commitment to maintaining expert-level knowledge in the industry critical to the success of virtually all organizations. 

CCIE will encourage you to increase your expertise and the requirements required every two years. If you do not complete our requirements of your recertification details before the deadline, your CCIE will be blocked. You, as well as your employer, will lose the benefits which would be related to your expert status. 

Candidates need to take an initial CCIE lab examination between 18 months, clearing the CCIE written assessment. Candidates who did not pass the test have to reattempt for another lab exam within 12 months after giving the written exam. If a candidate cannot clear the lab exam after three years of clearing the written exam, then the candidate has to reexamine the written exam. After removing this reexamination, he will give any other lab examination. 

Important Reminders of CCIE Recertification: 

  • Cisco does not provide any extensions.
  • It is your responsibility to recertify your details on time.
  • Recertification email reminders are given at 90, 60, and 30 days.
  • Emails are sent to the email address which was provided in the record.
  • It is your responsibility to make your emails up to date. For assistance, professional certification, update your profile on Cert Metrics, and for expert certification, update your profile on the CCIE tracker.
  • Always review the 5-day examination policy before scheduling an examination.


We have to make our CCIE certification up to date. We can make our CCIE up to date and enjoy the expert-like benefits by giving written and lab examinations in the given period. An expert CCIE status tells your expert level, and after the blockage of your CCIE, you will lose your expert benefits. 

If you want to pass the CCIE written lab examination, you should check out SPOTO CCIE lab’s accurate study materials. CCIE is an essential part of our journey to show your expertise, and it also provides you the expert tag by which clients can come up to you.