If you are tired of drawing in your eyebrows or don’t even know what your natural brows look like anymore because you have over-waxed, over-plucked, or experienced eyebrow hair loss with the aging process, there is a solution that can change everything. Microblading in Fort Collins has become a popular treatment for those who want to transform the eyebrows they were born with into the eyebrows they have always wanted.


Microblading in Fort Collins: What To Expect From the Treatment Process

Your Initial Consultation Matters

Once you decide that you want to schedule a microblading treatment to improve the appearance of your eyebrows, you will first need to undergo an initial consultation. The initial consultation is so important because it allows your technician to evaluate your eyebrows in person and learn more about your ultimate goals. This consultation is the time for you to bring in pictures of how you want your eyebrows to look.


Then, you and your technician together can fine-tune your treatment plans and get a better idea of what your results will look like. You and your technician together will determine the fullness and shape of your eyebrows as well as the color. Once you provide your technician with your eyebrow goals, you will lay the foundation on which she can build your dream brows.


No Skin Type Excluded From Treatment

If you’ve been considering scheduling microblading in Fort Collins but aren’t sure whether your skin type will exclude you from the treatment process, you are a candidate because no skin type is excluded. The treatment is completely customized to your aesthetic goals, so whether you have lighter are darker skin, sensitive or durable skin, your technician can design your dream eyebrows that compliment your skin tone and help you add definition to your entire face.


Following the Pre-Treatment Directives Will Enhance Your Results

Once you undergo a consultation, you’ll be provided with some pre-treatment instructions, and it’s important that you follow these instructions because your results hinge on your ability to take the necessary pre-treatment steps to prepare your body and your skin. Your technician will provide you with a list of directives to follow, which may include avoiding certain topical products like retinol and abstaining from blood-thinning supplements and medications like fish oil, vitamin E, and ibuprofen.


You will also be asked to avoid certain treatments like Botox injections, waxing, tweezing, tanning, chemical peels, laser treatments, and dermabrasion. Additionally, you’ll be asked to avoid caffeine and alcohol in the days leading up to your treatment to keep your skin from becoming extra sensitive.


The Treatment Process Is Comfortable

Contrary to popular opinion, microblading and tattooing are not one and the same. The treatment process is similar to the tattooing process but far more comfortable. Most patients describe the sensation during treatment as a mild scratching, and if you are sensitive to different sensations, your technician can apply a topical numbing solution to your skin before beginning the treatment so that you don’t feel a thing. Just be sure to ask ahead of time.


You Will Only Need One Treatment

One of the benefits of microblading is that you won’t need multiple appointments to achieve your desired brows. Instead, the entire process takes place during one treatment session. Years down the road, as your results begin to fade, you can schedule touch-up treatments to prolong your results, but you won’t need multiple treatment sessions to enjoy your initial results. As soon as your initial treatment is over, you’ll get to enjoy your beautiful, full, bold brows.


Your Results Will Look Completely Natural

One of the benefits of this treatment is that your results will look completely natural. Technicians use state-of-the-art technology to create tiny strokes on the surface of the skin that look identical to eyebrow hairs. Once your treatment is over, you’ll have beautiful brows that won’t look fake or drawn on but instead will simply look like the brows you were born with.


The Results Are Long-Lasting

You will get to enjoy your results for a significant amount of time. Unlike brow products that wash off at the end of the day, once you undergo this treatment, you’ll get to enjoy beautiful, full, defined brows for a significant amount of time.


Depending on the patient, microblading results can last anywhere from two to three years. Touch-up treatments can help prolong your results so that you can enjoy your beautiful microbladed brows for as long as possible.


If you’re ready to say goodbye to eyebrow pomades, pencils, and tints and instead undergo a treatment that can give you beautiful, full, natural-looking brows, microblading is the perfect treatment option. Once you undergo the treatment process, expect to not only love your eyebrows but to wake up and go to bed with perfectly groomed brows that will add definition and proportion to your face and help you feel better about not just your eyebrows but your entire appearance.

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