Watches come in handy in all situations and an outdoor adventure is no exception. Whether you are hiking or simply on a nature walk, it is imperative to have a watch with you. Thanks to the advancements in science, watches can do a lot more than tell time nowadays, all the more reason to have one with you on an outdoor adventure. 

The only question to ask now is which watch is best for an outdoor adventure? If you are looking to buy a watch with outdoor adventures specifically on your mind, then you can take a look at one of the following choices: 

The Garmin Fenix 7

Garmin is a Swiss watch brand and if you know anything about watches, then you know that Swiss made watches are classics and among the best in the world. The Garmin Phoenix 7 also happens to be one of the finest watches available and it also happens to come with variations. The Garmin Phoenix 7 features solar technology, making it especially ideal for outdoor adventures, and also comes with a solar-less option should you find that more to your liking. This watch is also filled with smart technology like tracking blood and oxygen levels, all of which come in handy on an outdoor adventure. Best of all, this watch can be described as rugged, built tough to handle the rigors of the outdoors.


If you are looking for a lightweight watch that can do well in an outdoor adventure, then the SUUNTO 9 PEAK is one of the best options available. This product boasts Impressive smartwatch technology which makes it all the more impressive considering how lightweight it is. You also have the option of syncing the watch to your smartphone and taking your fitness and outdoor adventure experience to a new level. With the GPS, you can always keep track of your movements allowing you to enjoy the adventure without worrying too much about the trail. It’s fair to say that the SUUNTO 9 PEAK is a multifunctional device packed into a little case.

The Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar

It isn’t all that surprising that Garmin is on the list once again considering their reputation in the world of watches. As the name implies, this product features a state-of-the-art solar system to power the watch, essentially giving it a longer life. One feature that makes this product more attractive is the water-resistant feature making it ideal for humid conditions, and the perspiration that comes with outdoor adventures. The only limitation that this watch seems to possess is that it is a bit heavy which some people find a bit unsettling. With all the great features this watch packs, however, a little extra weight is worth it. The Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar is truly one of the best watches for outdoor adventures.

Polar Grit X

Price tends to have a huge impact on the choice of accessories like watches and that is what makes this watch a great option. Not only is the Polar Grit X a great watch for an outdoor adventure, but it is relatively affordable, especially when compared to the other watches on this list. This watch is regarded as the perfect companion for a hike thanks to all the tracking and location features that make it ideal for trails. Best of all, this watch can function fully with all features active, for up to up to 40 hours. You will surely be back from your outdoor adventure before you have to worry about a low battery. 

The Amazfir T-Rex Pro

It may not be as fancy or luxurious as most of the other watches on this list, but with its low price, it is definitely the cheapest quality watch for an outdoor adventure. The Amazfit T-Rex Pro also happens to be water-resistant making it ideal for an outdoor adventure. While it is not the most functional watch on the market, it is still highly capable and boasts some impressive features. At its low price and packed with some impressive features, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro is a great outdoor watch.



Thanks to the advancements in science and the coming of smartwatches, no outdoor activity is complete without a watch. If you love the outdoors, then you should have the right watches for these conditions. Any one of the watches listed above would be a great fit for a wide array of outdoor activities. 


By Roman Jaxon

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