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When it comes to weight loss oral supplements that claim to be too good for your health may sound worst sometimes. At best, oral supplements do not always fall to the hype, and sometimes can behave at worst that can be turned into hazardous for your overall health. Research in the US shows about 15% of Americans often use some dietary weight loss supplements in their lives at some point and spend approximately 2 billion dollars on their supplements which come in the form of several kinds of pills, capsules, tabs, liquids, and soft-gels. In India, many Indians also try to use some weight-loss supplements to improve their physical efficiency or stamina before any bariatric surgery. But unfortunately, they don’t even realize those who have taken them for a specific reason have experienced a couple of advantages for only a particular time period. They must know about the facts of oral supplements related to their weight loss and health. Here in this article, we will read about these facts and try to understand them in a deleterious aspect that should be used in a specific quantity for a definite time period.


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Does FDA-Regulation Certify Oral Supplements?

Food & Drug Administration of United States of America always regulates the limit of oral supplements that promoted a fine weight loss but these supplements don’t need any pre-market review or any approval by FDA, unlike some prescription drugs. Hence, the liability and validity of determining the safety of these oral supplements claim to fall under their suppliers and manufacturers. However, if FDA finds these supplements to be hazardous or unsafe, it can remove the products from their shelves or can ask the company to appliance a product recall. The FDA and FCA (Federal Trade Commission) have also a right to take legal actions against their suppliers or makers who unapprovingly claim weight loss products.

Does Oral Supplement Require Any Clinical Trial Before to Be Sold?

Although, FDA officers don’t check or investigate the product before it hits the walls without any written complaint. After a complaint, they can investigate and pull the product off in the market, but there is nobody in the line who can claim the product label to be verified actually unless it is being verified by the other company. These supplements as well don’t have to go on clinical trials that research studies explore about a treatment, strategy, medication, surgical methods, or device that is innocuous, effective, and safe for humans.

If we compare oral supplements with prescription drugs, PD takes years to years to reach a consumer’s desk due to high regulations and certifications around the several clinical trials to prove their safety and effectiveness, while oral supplements don’t require any official clinical trials to prove their safety.

Does Oral Supplement Mean Naturally & Organically Safe?

Many weight loss supplements claim to be safe naturally and organically as well to lose weight but just to claim to be naturally safe, doesn’t mean safe all the time as ingredients extracts from nature can also be harmful or unsafe. What is natural? It is a useless term that comes to supplements to make them safe by nutritional ingredients. There is no technical definition to claim or mean be safe with oral supplements for weight loss.

Immediately Consult with Doctor

Many pieces of evidence have shown the results of oral weight loss supplements with their excessive use for a long time. The over-the-counter use of these weight loss supplements to eliminate the fat tissues and stimulate your weight is seriously unconvincing and inconclusive. However, they can claim to FDA verified but still can harm your body if used for a long time. 

If you feel any anxiety, BP fluctuation, and weakness, you should immediately speak to your physician. He/she will prescribe some FDA-approved drugs that would be certainly best for you. The only excessive use of these weight loss supplements can land you in severe heart issues as it has many unpleasant side effects.

How to Choose the Safe Weight Loss Supplements?

After a lot of discussion about the unsafe and hazardous fall of weight loss supplements, if you still want to use them or you have decided to go with them, it is very important to check the label of your product which can tell you about its ingredients and nutrients are involved in their serving size, proportions with the total amount. You should also avoid mega doses of these supplements as taking them more than their daily recommended value, can increase the risk of heart diseases. 

You should also keep a watch on what you eat while using these weight loss supplements. Always check what includes in your daily breakfast and beverages. With the side effects of oral supplements, you can’t even realize how much you are eating with them. Beware of eating more than your body needs. It is also important to consult with your doctor as these supplements can also cause various side effects if taken in a certain combination along with certain drugs before any bariatric surgery.

If you are taking them to control your hunger, you need to consult with your physician to resolve any side effect may be reflecting after some days. Also, keep a watch on recalls and alerts about these weight loss supplements. Nevertheless, the FDA doesn’t limit the supplements to the same degree as any other prescription drug. But FDA does observe their safety through some warnings and recalls that often reflect on the FDA website. Fildena 100 mg, Cenforce 100 mg and Fildena 150 mg is the Best cure for Erectile Dysfunction.

 You can also report your problems that may have caused due to using supplements for a specific reason. If you think that a weight loss supplement caused you to experience any severe reaction or irritation, immediately stop using it and consult with your doctor. He/she will suggest you submit an online complaint on the official website of the FDA regarding the supplement you are using. You can also submit a safety report about the supplement you are using on the official website of the FDA. Your safety lies in your hands, so don’t be careless while using these weight loss supplements for a specific time period.