Which Plug You Need to Use for TV Aerial Satellites

If you are getting a tv aerial set up of course you need to deal with the wires for the installation. Usually coax cables are used for the tv aerial connections, satellite dishes, and CCTV cameras. Do you know the plugs matter a lot in the connection of the tv aerial and the coax cable. There are different types of plugs available in the market, every plug is not suitable for every coax cable. So make sure which plug will be suitable in your tv aerial installation. In this article I have listed the most famous plug you can use for the installation of the tv aerial, CCTV cameras and satellite dishes.

F Plugs

F Plugs are the most common plugs in the UK and USA. These plugs are usually in the connection of the tv aerials and satellites. You can use these plugs on the both sender and receiver end. The F plugs always make the connection secure, and do not allow the connection to break. You have seen that usually people are facing the problem because of connection break, so if you are using the F plugs there are very rare chances you could face this kind of problem. Click here if you want to get F plug connection for your tv aerial satellite connection

An F screw connector is the easiest and most common to end all types of F plugs and can be prepared with a Stanley blade and scissors or a specialized wire termination tool. The F connector simply screws into the top of the coaxial cable braid and into the PVC jacket. It is important to choose the correct F plug for the cable you are using, as choosing the wrong one could cause a loose connection and easy loosening of the F plug. When properly terminated, the F plug should stay in place with a relatively firm pull .

 Threaded or screwed F connections are suitable for home TV antennas / satellite systems, but should not be used in common TV systems where crimp connectors or compression plugs must be used instead. When using the F screw caps outdoors, it is recommended to waterproof the connections with amalgam tape or silicone grease, perfect for satellite LNB connections. A big advantage of using F-type screw caps is that they are relatively inexpensive and can be reused.

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