heart transplant

The process of heart transplant is a very special kind of operation in which a diseased or failing heart is successfully replaced with another donor heart that is healthier.

This operation known as heart transplant is reserved for those people whose condition of heart cannot be improved very much with the help of medicines or several other surgeries. As the process of heart transplant is done through some major operations, it is better to consult the best cardiology hospital in Bangalore.

Why is a heart transplant important?

Heart transplants are mainly done when other types of treatments for various heart problems cannot work, leading to the problems of heart failure. In adults, this heart failure can be caused by some problems, such as:

  • Diseases related to coronary artery
  • Weakening of the heart muscle or cardiomyopathy
  • Congenital heart problem
  • Diseases of the heart valve
  • Abnormal heart rhythms, which cannot be controlled by other treatments

In the cases of children, heart failure is mainly caused by either cardiomyopathy or a congenital heart problem.

In some cases, another organ transplant can be done while doing a heart transplant in patients having some special conditions.

These multi-organ transplants include:

  • Heart-liver transplant:This procedure of treatment may be an option for those people who have certain heart and liver conditions.
  • Heart-kidney transplant:This special procedure may be an option for those patients who have encountered kidney failure along with heart failure.
  • Heart-lung transplant:In some rare cases, doctors may suggest this type of transplant for some people with severe heart and lung diseases if the conditions cannot be removed with only a lung transplant or a heart transplant. For best treatment just get help from the best cardiology hospital in Bangalore.

What is heart transplant surgery?

Heart transplant surgery is a special open-heart procedure that naturally takes several hours to complete. If one had previous heart surgeries, then the surgery becomes more complicated and may take much longer.

The patient will receive medication that will cause him/her to sleep before the operation procedure. Then the surgeons will connect the patient to a heart-lung bypass machine to help in the flow of oxygen-rich blood throughout the patient’s body.

Then the surgeon will create an incision in the chest of the patient. Then will separate the chest bone to open the rib cage to reach the heart for operation.

Then the surgeon will remove the problematic heart and sew the donor heart into its place. Then major blood vessels will be attached to the new or the donor’s heart. The new heart will then start beating after the restoration of the blood flow.

For the best treatment, you can contact the best cardiology hospital in Bangalore.

Who does not qualify for a heart transplant?

Though the proper process of a heart transplant can give the patient a new life, it still is not the right choice for everyone. You may not be a suitable candidate for a heart transplant for the following issues:

  • If you have any kind of active infection
  • Have another type of medical condition that might shorten your life, with or without receiving a donor heart, like, a serious liver, kidney, or lung disease
  • Have a recent medical history of  the disease cancer
  • Are at a much older or advanced age that might interfere with the power to recover from a heart transplant surgery
  • Are unable or unwilling to make some lifestyle changes, that are necessary to keep the good health of  your donor’s heart, like, not smoking or not drinking alcohol
  • Must not be obese medically
  • Need proper financial stability.

Thus, you can know if you are a suitable candidate for a heart transplant or not. For best suggestions, it is better to consult the best cardiology hospital in Bangalore.