Why and how to use McAfee Shredder to remove a file or program?

McAfee antivirus provides a data shredder tool in its premium plan. Data shredder is one of the best tools for data security. If you want to use a McAfee data shredder on your device then you need to activate the premium plan of McAfee. 

  1. Go to the McAfee website on your browser
  2. Click on Personal
  3. You will see the McAfee plans for your device
  4. Check the McAfee antivirus plans for Data Shredder
  5. Select the McAfee plan you want to install
  6. McAfee sign up screen will appear
  7. Create a McAfee account 
  8. Enter the details 
  9. Type your McAfee credentials
  10. McAfee shopping cart page will be displayed
  11. Type your payment details 

Click on the Buy Now button and wait. Now go to the email and click on McAfee mail. Tap on the URL and McAfee antivirus will start downloading. Now you will get a McAfee permission screen. Click on the Allow button and McAfee will get installed on your device. You can’t use the premium tools without McAfee Antivirus Activation. Go to the McAfee activation tab and type the activation code. After installing and activating the setup, you will see the McAfee icon on the desktop. Tap on the McAfee icon and go to the dashboard. Click on the Data Shredder. 

Shredding unwanted files and programs with McAfee data shredder

When you remove a file or some data from the system; it doesn’t get removed from the system. Users can easily recover the deleted files using the data backup tool. This seems to be good as you can easily recover the data you have deleted mistakenly. But sometimes hackers and other cybercriminals can steal your data. If you delete the data from the system without using the data shredder then the hacker can steal the data easily. But when the user deletes the data using a McAfee Scanner Service; no one can restore the data. The shredder tool not only deletes the data from your disk but also fills the space with gibberish. When a hacker tries to steal the data; he can only get the gibberish data. Along with the data, you can remove the programs with a data shredder and delete all the details from the system.

  1. Open the McAfee antivirus on your Windows PC
  2. Go to the Settings gear 
  3. Select File Shredder

Now open the file or program you want to shred. You can also select the files from recycle bin or temp internet files. Now the user has to select the shred type. If you want to shred the data fast (but low security); use the Basic option. For good security, users can go for the Safe option. If you want to remove the file completing with full protection then choose Complete and then hit the Shred button. McAfee data shredder will remove the data permanently from the system. After deleting the data; you should scan your computer. Run the McAfee system scan and flush out all the threats.

Many McAfee users reported that they are getting issues while removing the data with a data shredder. The error on running shredder can appear due to various causes. Sometimes users choose the files which can’t be deleted (like Windows files) for shredding. The data shredder inspects the files and prevents file deletion to keep your device away from error. If you delete the system files using a data shredder then repairing or restoring those files will become difficult and the user will have to face various issues. The tool running error can also appear when the system has low disk space. The shredder will not work properly and start showing error. Increase the disk space on your system and then run the McAfee data shredder. You can also ask the McAfee team for troubleshooting your shredder issues.

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