For any business, let it be small or big, online marketing is always a key to success. According to a survey, more than 6.5 billion subscriptions are there using smartphones in 2022 and these numbers will keep increasing in the coming years.
If we talk about social media, then according to Statista, Facebook has about 2.9 billion active monthly users; YouTube has about 2.3 billion active users, and a lot more users on social media’s different platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and many others.

When more than half of the world is using social media, how can you miss this opportunity to market your business online using social media platforms?

It is hard to find an established business that is not using social media to promote its business, products, or services. But if we talk about small business, then few are using it wisely while few are still confused about the importance and the effectiveness of the use of social media.

Well, if you are the owner of a small business and you are confused about it, then you should consult some experts you can ask the marketing agency Baltimore about the effectiveness of not only the social media but overall online marketing using different platforms and different marketing strategies.

They will guide you in a much better way about how you can beat your competitors by using social media effectively to shoot out your new promotions and discounted offers.

Though it is better to consult with some specialized marketing agency that can promote your small business online, you can do it yourself as well on a smaller scale. Here we will provide a few easy steps that you can do yourself.

Create Your Business Page
If you are not ready to hire a marketing agency, then you can do it yourself by creating your business pages. Just make your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and other social media accounts using an email address or by using your mobile number.

Now, you have to just create your business page on Facebook and Google Plus, while Twitter and Pinterest are ready to go without creating a business page.

You should select a beautiful and attractive cover page for your business page; you can design a banner to show your promotion campaign as well.

Describe your business, provide your business number, and provide the details why you are good as compared to your competitors.

You can post a few teasers about your upcoming black Friday deal, or Christmas discount offer. After posting a few teasers, you can provide more details just a few days before that event.
If you do all this smartly, you will definitely get a few orders online and your business will improve. If you implement everything properly, you can make a lot of additional dollars daily. Here you can check how to make 100 dollars a day fast with different methods.

Broadcast Your Offers on WhatsApp

Almost every business has the mobile numbers of their loyal customers and almost every mobile user is using a WhatsApp account as well as we have mentioned at the start of this article.

You can create a group in WhatsApp and add your loyal customers to that group to inform them about your latest offers or to offer them special discounts on a special event.

While many users don’t want to be added to a group because of their privacy, you can use the ‘broadcast’ feature of WhatsApp where you can send the same message to many users without knowing that you have sent the same message to other people as well. It will protect their privacy as well and you will send your message to your customers as well.

If you send the eye-catching offer at the right time, there are chances that you will get a few more sales which are obviously good for your business. According to the UK News Times, 40% local businesses in London are getting new customers from their WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

Start a Pay per Click Advertisement

This is another way to get to the top of everyone. Using pay-per-click advertisements, you can beat your competitors on a small level for sure, but you can also get a good chance to get some customers of the giants of your niche.

Though this is something that you can’t do yourself and you must hire some expert and experienced SEO expert. An expert marketing agency will give you an opportunity to compete with those companies and businesses which you never ever thought to compete with.

But again, only an expert can do this. If you try this yourself without having all the technical knowledge, you might lose money without getting anything good for your business.


As mentioned earlier, social media is the biggest platform that you can use for free without spending even a single penny. So if you don’t market your business online on social media, you are losing a great opportunity to convert your small business into a growing business.

If you get help from some experts, you will do even much better. Just concentrate on your business and leave everything else to an experienced marketing agency.

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