Why Can’t I Access Internet on My Netgear Router?

It can be really frustrating to experience no internet connectivity issue even when you are connected to your Netgear router, right? If you are also facing internet-connectivity issue even after connecting to your router’s WiFi network, then here are some troubleshooting fixes that can help you make your Netgear device working again. Let’s take the plunge!

Troubleshooting Netgear Router Internet Connectivity Issue

  • If your Netgear router is not letting you access internet, then the first thing you need to do is to check the power supply being supplied to your device. Apart from that, ensure that your Netgear router is placed near to your modem.
  • Check the LED lights on your Netgear router. On the off chance if the LED light on your Netgear router is blinking orange, facing internet-connectivity issue is obvious. To get rid of the issue, power cycle your Netgear router once.
  • Improper placement of your Netgear router can also lead to internet-connectivity issue. So prevent the issue, make sure to place your Netgear router at the higher and center location of your house.
  • Also, ensure that your Netgear router is not fetching any signal interference from WiFi devices, baby monitors, metal appliances, electronic gadgets, and Bluetooth speakers in your home.
  • Run an internet speed test. To verify your current internet speed, have access to routerlogin.net If the web address loads up quickly without giving you trouble, them your internet is working fine. Else, head over to the next tip.
  • Check with your ISP that whether he is providing you actual internet plan and speed you deserve or not. In case, there is something fishy with your service provider, kick him off and shake hand with a new reliable one.

Is Issue Still The Same?

In the event if the same issue is still spinning your head, then try power cycling your Netgear router once.

To power cycle your Netgear router, unplug it from the main power outlet, wait for a few minutes, and plug it back in again. To test your internet connection after the power cycling process, have access to Netgear router login page.

What’s More?

  • Try connecting your modem, PC or laptop to the Netgear router using a wired connection. Sometimes, a wired connection proves a lot better than a wireless connection. To establish a wired connection, connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the Netgear router and other end to the device you want to access internet.
  • No internet connectivity issue also persists if the firmware on your Netgear router is outdated. So, to fix internet-related issues with your device, check if your router is up-to-date with the latest firmware version or not. In case not, update it right away by navigating to routerlogin.net web address and following the given instructions.
  • Improper or incomplete Netgear router setup also makes your internet connection drops. Just in case, you still can’t get the most out of your internet, ensure to configure your router correctly and completely. For this, navigate to www.routerlogin.net, enter the login credentials, and once you are into the dashboard of your Netgear device, follow the instructions to setup Netgear router with ease.


Do not curse your internet connection if the web address, routerlogin.net not working for you. If there are typos in the web address or you are using the browser’s search bar, then facing login issues is quite obvious. So, you can use the default Netgear router IP address for login. And if the issue remains the same and you can’t make the most out of your internet and Netgear device, feel free to get in touch with our technical experts via comments.

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