mid-range smartphones

For a large part of the previous decade, mid-range phones were more popular than the flagship models. A significant portion of the Indian population also started opting for mid-range smartphones, as they were affordable while carrying some of the flagship features. This shift in mindset is a consequence of the conscious decision taken by millions of smartphone buyers. Let us take a closer look at some of the reasons behind this phenomenon.

  1. Improved performance

    The biggest reason why flagship smartphones were preferred over mid-range models was because of their superior performance. For a long time, iPhones offered a performance that no contemporary mobile phone could match. Even until a few years ago, the iPhone X’s A11 Bionic chip provided a level of speed and efficiency that no other model could match. However, things are different today. Even though some flagship models like the recently launched iPhone 12 do have better processors, there are mid-range phones that offer comparable performance. The best example for this is the Samsung Galaxy A72. This device delivers a powerful performance, thanks to the speedy and efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G chipset. Even though it might not be on par with the iPhone 12 Pro, it still delivers fast and ultra-smooth performance. Because of its top-notch features, it is considered to be one of the best phones under 30000 INR. With a lot of the sub-30,000 INR and sub-20,000 INR phones delivering impeccable performance, they started becoming more popular.


    1. Better design

      A major reason why people looked down upon mid-range smartphones was because of their design. They were thicker, heavier and weren’t stylish. But with time, due to the efforts of companies like Samsung, Xiaomi and Vivo, these phones became chic and elegant. Samsung was one of the first companies to make their phones slimmer, and then the likes of Vivo took it to another level. As these phones became more appealing, people started to prioritise them over other models.
  • Incorporation of premium gaming features

Apart from the rapidly improving chipsets that are being used in mid-range phones, there are other factors that make them better. Especially when gaming is concerned, mid-range smartphones have come a long way. Most modern-day mid-range smartphones offer ample RAM so that phones can handle memory-hungry or graphics-intensive apps well. Additionally, mid-range smartphones also improved massively with their displays. Most smartphones today flaunt Super AMOLED displays that have refresh rates higher than 90 Hz. This doesn’t just deliver a smooth gaming performance, but also enhances the visual experience. These displays are also bigger than 6.5 inches, making the entire process of gaming more convenient. Because of all of these factors, people no longer had to opt for pricey flagship smartphones to have a good gaming experience. Mid-range smartphones became the go-to models for gaming enthusiasts.

  1. Camera upgrades

    The difference in camera quality between flagship phones and mid-range phones was massive. As the world started to rely mainly on phone cameras for clicking pictures, people favoured flagship phones like Google Pixel 3. However, thanks to initiatives from manufacturers like Vivo and Oppo, mid-range smartphones started having better cameras. Vivo launched certain models like the Vivo V11 Pro in 2019, which offered a 12 + 5 MP rear camera set-up at just 23,990 INR. Through 2020, the camera resolution kept increasing. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 boasted of a 48 + 8 + 2 + 2 MP quad-rear camera array that managed to click highly detailed pictures even in dimly-lit environments. Similar improvements were made with selfie cameras as well. Devices like the Realme 8 5G sported a 16 MP AI selfie camera that managed to capture selfies as vivid as some of the flagship phones. These remarkable camera upgrades also helped draw the audience towards mid-range smartphones.

  2. Loads of options

    Flagship smartphones are typically launched after long intervals. When it comes to mid-range smartphones, however, manufacturers launch new models every other month. As a result, there are more options at a certain price point. This gives people the freedom to explore multiple options within their budget, and go for a phone that has their desired features.

  3. A good way to save money

    As the features offered by mid-range smartphones started getting close to those of flagship smartphones, people saw mid-range smartphones as a good way to save money. As people could save a significant amount of money while also enjoying the advanced features, mid-range smartphones became the go-to option for the average consumer.

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