With the introduction of networked printers, the lives of business professionals have drastically become easy and HP – a leading company has contributed a lot in this segment. By using HP printers, you can print things from anywhere and anytime without any hassle and worrying about printing servers. You even do not require sending any documents to the removable media to take print outs. But with time, people have realized that these issues are not less than pain to you as now and then they showcase some errors which irritate you a lot. If you are facing this, then you must be wondering that why does my printer keeps going offline! Yes! Then continue reading this post.

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Why Does an HP Printer Offline Windows 10?

There are countless reasons why is my HP printer offline! If you are getting the offline status time and again, then the following are the possible reasons for the same:

·         Network connectivity issues

·         Cabling or power-related problems

·         Outdated or faulty drivers

·         Windows setting are not appropriate

·         Hardware and related issues

To rectify these issues and HP printer offline fix Windows 10, you will have to check that the printer is well connected with the cables or not. You may also need to restart the device to see if it is working. To sort out this network connectivity related issue, you can also disable and enable the connectivity settings. If this does not still help you, then you can use the following to fix the HP printer offline issue or simply connect with the support team of HP.

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Workaround to Fix the ‘HP Printer Offline Windows 10’ Error

When your HP printer keeps going offline even after following the basic workarounds mentioned above, then you should change the driver settings because sometimes these drivers do not identify the printers. If the driver is not properly customized, then your printer might not work as it should be! To rectify this issue, you will need to check the drivers’ settings and if it does not help you, you may require downloading a fresh one as needed. And for this:

·         Open Windows 10, you will need to click on the ‘Start’ button that is on the right of the device

·         From the ‘Menu’, you will need to navigate to the ‘Device Manager’ tab

·         Once you are done with this, open the ‘Drivers and Printers’ tab and choose the printers from the drop-down list

·         Now select the appropriate device i.e. printer by clicking right

·         From here, you will need to click on the option – Update Driver Software

·         After selecting the appropriate device, you will have to select the options i.e. manual or automatic. This will completely be based on the driver’s availability in your system

·         Now, allow the selected driver to install it by giving the permission

Lastly, you can now print a page to see if your HP printer keeps going offline or not. If it is still displaying the ‘Offline Status’, then you should contact the HP support team instantly.

How Do You Stop My HP Printer is Offline?

To stop the HP printer from going offline time and again, you will just need to go to the ‘Start Menu’ and click on it. After this, you will require tapping the ‘Devices and Printers’ icon given to choose the model or name of the printer. This has to be followed by clicking twice on it and then on the menu ‘Printer’. When you get the option that says ‘Use Printer Offline’, you will need to uncheck the box given next to it.

In case, you need any help regarding this offline issue, you can get in touch with an adroit and skilled professional of HP printer support. They will help you find out the actual reason behind the issue and will provide you with appropriate solutions by using the apt and reliable techniques.