Is your Internet keeps dropping after updating your RBR50 Orbi to the latest firmware version? Internet connection may drop suddenly for no particular reason. But, if the problem persists, it becomes really frustrating. Here is how to fix the internet connection dropping issue with RBR50 Orbi WiFi Router. Let’s take the plunge.

Before we get started with the troubleshooting process, let’s give you an outline of the possible reasons that might be causing the issue for you. 

Reasons Behind Internet Keeps Dropping Issues after Orbi Firmware Update 

  • You have installed a corrupted firmware version
  • The firmware version you updated is not related to the Orbi model you own
  • You Orbi is connected to a bad WiFi
  • There is some issue with the Internet Service Provider
  • The Data Package of your WiFi is not sufficient, it may be going to end soon
  • Your Orbi is getting interference from other devices nearby
  • Outdated Firmware version is being installed on your Orbi
  • You have performed Orbi factory reset accidentally 

Moving on, let’s guide you how to fix the internet keeps dropping issue after the RBR50 Orbi Firmware Update.

Steps to Troubleshoot Orbi Internet Connection Dropping Issue

Here are some potential fixes to get rid of the Internet keeps dropping issue.

  • Consider moving your Orbi router closer to Satellite. Also, place it away from devices that are suspected to interfere with the WiFi signals.
  • Power cycle your Orbi and modem by unplugging them from their power sources. You need to wait a while before you again plug them back. 
  • Make sure all the cables connected to your devices are working fine. If old cables are connected to your Orbi, replace them. 
  • If you are using a lower bandwidth and have connected many devices to your Orbi at the same time, it may also lead to the WiFi dropping issue. For this, disconnect the devices that are not in use.
  • Software issues in your Orbi could also be one of the reasons of inconsistent or sluggish internet connection. If you are using your Orbi continuously for a long time, turning it off and let it have some rest. Now, turning it back on again and see if the fix works for you.
  • Get access to the dashboard of your Orbi via orbilogin and check if the firmware version you have updated matches your Orbi model. If mistakenly, you have updated your Orbi with the wrong firmware version, you need to reset your device to the default settings.

This is how you can fix the internet connection dropping issue with your RBR50 Orbi. 

If still you can’t make the most of your Orbi device, we have some more advanced troubleshooting tips for you.

Advanced Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Internet Dropping Issue after Firmware Update

  • Change the WiFi Channel of Your Orbi

If your Orbi is getting cut off repeatedly, you can fix the issue simply by swapping to a different WiFi channel. If there are a number of WiFi routers connected on the same channel in your area as yours, you can experience the WiFi dropping issue. Luckily, an Orbi can work on different channels. You are suggested to change your wireless channel of your Orbi. You can do this by accessing your Orbi’s configuration page via and navigating to the WiFi settings. 

  • Set your Orbi’s WiFi Frequency to 5GHz

There are two types of wireless connections an Orbi Supports. They are 2.4GHz and 5GHz. If your Orbi is using a 2.4GHz WiFi frequency, you might experience the internet dropping issue.

So, to get rid of the problem, you are advised to change your Orbi’s settings by accessing orbilogin and set it to a 5GHz WiFi connection.

All these tips will help you get rid of the WiFi dropping issue with your Orbi. We hope you will be able to make the most of your device by using the Orbi troubleshooting tips given in the article.

If still something is troubling you and you are unable to get a fix for the problem, shoot us a query in the comments section to seek assistance from seasoned technical experts.