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Since its release, Flutter has brought a boom in the tech industry. Be it– cross-platform development support, adding native-like UI elements, or finding hardware-accelerated support for a smartphone app, there are uncountable elements that make Flutter a preferred choice. In fact, over 39% of global developers use Flutter as a DevTool and is the #2 most-loved app framework worldwide.

Now, after 2.5 years since its inception, Google has unveiled the Flutter 2.0 in their Flutter Engage Event 2021. This new software patch comes with exciting new features and tools for developers bound to ease app development processes. These improvements, which are bound to upscale the app development trends this year, are so great that even we also feel overwhelmed.

But before we jump into the update, let’s brush up on our thoughts about Flutter 1.0 and read how it became a stalwart in the app market.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source app development kit founded by Google Inc. The platform was launched in December 2015 and was introduced with Flutter 1.0 with a worldwide stable release. It is run on the Dart Language, an easy-learning and more advanced coding module that aids developers to write codes much faster than React or Java and lowers your app development lifecycle up to 2-3 months.

With it’s rapid development technology, Flutter has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to develop their own robust and powerful apps even at strained budgets. With features like Hot Reload and cross-platform compatibility, Flutter poses a greater scope of product reliability over it’s peers. That’s why many businesses choose iOS and Android app development company for their mobile apps for smart Flutter app solutions for their custom apps.

Let us now discuss what Flutter 2.0 toolkit is and how it can help business owners create their own custom mobile efficiently.

What’s new in Flutter 2.0?

Flutter for Web

With the new Flutter 2.0 software toolkit, developers can now create enriched 2D and 3D web applications using the state of the art APIs. The development software is also upgraded to new levels of hardware-driven flexible layouts that allow app makers to present similar app structures of smartphone apps into web apps without separate room for back end buildup.

Flutter for Web also comes with-

  • New advanced multi-centre features to navigate through one or more tabs
  • Control over address bar URLs
  • Text autofill in browsers
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Screen reader support for accessibility.

Flutter for Desktop

Flutter 2.0 is also seen with Desktop compatibility mode in its latest upgrade. Using Flutter 2.0, developers can create applications that can be run on desktops, foldable, and embedded devices. These upgrades, which will allow screen sharing of data at once, has attracted Microsoft, Canonical and Toyota to partner with Google and use Flutter as their sole framework.

Google Mobile Ads SDK For Flutter

Keeping marketing prospects in focus, Google has also unveiled a new SDK that will support AdMob and AdManager. These advertising tools are native digital advertising tools that will help startups and large-scale companies advertise their products and services and leverage the power of digital marketing solutions effectively.

iOS Device Update 2021

Flutter 2.0  brings notch support and improvements for iPhone and Google devices as well. With seamless and smooth cascading UI experience in notched devices, Flutter can now deliver bug-free iOS applications in the least amount of time. Moreover, this new version comes with 178 iOS-related PRs merged, maximizing image qualities and bringing overall improvement for your app.

New Widget Control

In Flutter 2.0, business owners can now add third-party integration with new widget features such as structural, stylistic, font, colour scheme, layout aspect, and many more. These widgets will now be available to explore five significant Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and macOS devices, thus making Flutter an all-rounder for any custom application.


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