Why German Watches Are Considered Luxury Accessories

The world of luxury watches is nothing but complex. The mechanics, the design, the aesthetics all vary from manufacturer from manufacturer. They provide different takes and solutions to age-old designing problems. This article will explain why some German timepiece brands are appealing to luxury accessory lovers.


German watch making tradition stretches back to the 16th century, with a fact worth mentioning it is a few decades older than the Swiss. There are some who believe that a German watchmaker and inventor Peter Henlein created the first pocket watch back then, with some refutes about that fact.

A well-known fact on the other hand is that German Navy first started using wristwatches back in 1880’s! It was around that time that Ferdinand Adolph Lange founded a well-respected A. Lange & Söhne, one of the most famous watchmaking companies in Germany.

Focus on quality and precision

Germany is already famous for the quality of their goods around the world. This did not bypass the watchmaking industry, with some of the companies making the precision and the quality of their work as their highest priority. The amount of education, knowledge, skill, and effort needed to design and assemble a German watch is immense. This creates a lifelong wrist partner that will be passed down through generations.

With hundreds of patents and innovative solutions, German watch manufacturers live up to their name providing unique and cleaver spins on the watches’ design and quality. The one quality that stands out in German manufacturing is the precision. This gives immense quality to their luxury products, dependability, as well as longevity.

A unique spin on aesthetics

German aesthetics often follow this note – utility over flamboyance. Although this is not the only way to approach aesthetics, some appreciate the simplicity and emphasis on use in the products’ design. German watches are just that – monuments of efficacy, productivity, punctuality, and simple utility.

The product won’t be ornate with too many gemstones and luscious design of gold and other precious metals. Luxury German watches watchmakers prefer to put their silver in the movements where they serve a useful purpose.

To anyone that likes to express the importance of efficacy over showing luxury, German watchmakers’ masterpieces are for you. These watches show the need for inner integrity over exterior demonstration and they capture the beauty of the process in the making. The products are there to serve their purpose, but won’t needlessly distract.

The materials

Following the production style of German watchmakers comes their need to harmoniously utilize the different materials in the production of their watches. They use nothing but what they think are the best materials for producing quality and punctuality. They use silver and other precious metals over different kinds of specialized stainless steels and alloys. This gets incorporated in the specific design taste of their timepieces.

Putting still utility over demonstration and beauty, one can rest assured that each and every piece is there for a good reason. This after all hadn’t stopped celebrities and even royalties, like Alexander II to opt specifically for German luxury watches.

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