Why Is Athleisure the Best Fashion Trend Ever?

By definition, athleisure is a fashion trend that makes workout clothes suitable not just for the gym but also for parties, workplace or even school. Now that 2017 is almost over, it is safe to say that this trend was one of the biggest ones this year, but why is that? Is it because many celebrities, such as Rihanna, Chrissy Teigen and Kate Hudson, made it popular by advertising certain brands, or is it because there’s something more to it? One thing is for sure – athleisure is everywhere, so let’s take a look at the most important reasons why:

It’s a hybrid of casual and athletic wear

The most evident reason why athleisure is appropriate for many situations is the fact that it fits perfectly with many other trends that have been popular throughout the 20th century. Athleisure is quite often described as a hybrid of casual and athletic wear, which resulted in creating a whole new fashion trend. That’s why many clothes that are considered as work-appropriate are nowadays made of materials that are inspired by sports, such as spandex or lycra. If we think about it, the business dress code has certainly changed in the last decade, and if we combine the durability of sports clothes with new business trends, it is quite obvious why athleisure has found its way into the offices, schools and cafés.

It combines fitness and style

Think about the word athleisure. It is a combination of the words athletic and leisure, so it’s quite obvious that this style is meant both for the gym and everyday wear. Due to the fast pace of life, it’s quite acceptable to wear, for example, leggings at work or sweatpants at University. Just a decade ago, this kind of fashion would be considered inappropriate, but today it’s quite the opposite. Having good athletic clothes is a must, and combining these with elegant but casual clothes is the epitome of effortless style that everyone loves. Moreover, everyone feels more comfortable with this style, so it’s safe to assume that it’s here to stay.

It embraces fitness as a lifestyle

What are the other perks of athleisure apart from the fact that it looks good? Having good workout clothes will most certainly motivate you to start exercising and take care of your body. In addition, this trend popularized healthy lifestyle – exercising, drinking smoothies, eating healthily – so that fitness has become one of the most important aspects of people’s lives. Even if you’re not sporty, rocking this trend will make you think about all the unhealthy choices you’ve been making, thus encouraging you to use your gym wear to work on yourself. These clothes serve as a positive reinforcement when it comes to working out, so women do not only seek to be skinny and thin, but also very athletic and strong, which is an excellent thing.

It’s versatile and comfy

Wearing leggings to yoga sessions has always been very popular, but nowadays it’s also quite trendy. Not only is this way of dressing super comfortable, it is also so widespread that you can find amazing pieces for quite low and affordable prices. Moreover, as already mentioned, it’s quite versatile. For example, the biggest trend in athleisure today is bodybuilding, and we’re not only talking about lifting weights. Bodybuilding fashion combinations became very popular, so, for example, if you wear bodybuilding shoes for a cup of coffee in the mall or to your favourite coffee place, you’ll definitely look like you’re following the latest fashion trends. What’s good about this is that you can get nice, comfortable and high-quality ones for a reasonable price.

You never know what to expect

Today, it is the bodybuilding trend that’s grown on us, but what will it be tomorrow? One thing is certain, you never know what to expect, but once it arrives, we adore it. Even though we might raise an eyebrow or two at first, soon enough we’ll be indulging in all the athleisure trend clothing lines and new collections.

Times have changed, and together with them, the fashion trends followed suit. Even though we like to look formal and on point as far as formal events are concerned, why not look both comfortable and trendy during the day? 

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