English plays a very important and essential role in our everyday daily life; there is a superb utility of the English language in the modern world. spellquiz is a great online every grade student-paced much popular learning system. If you are looking for English language and dictation for students then this is a good platform. You are on the right spot continue with us.

This guide tells you all about English dictation & vocabulary, why the English language is important for students, how you can learn English dictation for class 7

Why is English Important for Students

The English language plays a very much essential role in our lives as it greatly helps in everyday communication. It is the main language for learning or studying any subject of any type all over the whole world. English is very much important for every grade of students as it helps broadens their minds, highly develops the emotional skills, greatly improves the quality of life by providing golden job opportunities.

Moreover, the high use of the English language as an international language is rapidly growing with time because it is the one and the only medium for communication between peoples and in many countries. The English language is also used widely in the literature and in the media section to publish great books, most awesome and brilliant writers write in the great English language because their readers understand English. All the students should know the importance of the English language. 

English is an easy language or is it very difficult? Most of the great researches show that English is an easy language. If we compare the English language with other languages of the world we will found that English is simple and easy.

English language, like every other language, is a huge system consisting of many grammar and aspects. Every student can learn English very fast. It has some grammatical aspects if your concept is clear about the grammar then you will feel that English is a very easy language.

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The English language has creative activities 

Every child learns through the different and various spelling activities that include many adorable creative methods. These awesome activities will make learning the English dictation for every student will be fun. 

Remember, that every child learns at a different capacity and rate. Every child has a different learning capacity. Spellquiz learning is for everyone students. This is why that so many parents enjoy spellquiz.com self-paced, and much-modularized lesson plans. The choice is fully yours.

Ways to improve the English language Spelling Skills 

Spelling skills highly develop your overall language. With the spelling skills, you will feel great in phonics, your reading comprehension will become great, your vocabulary will efficiently increase and you will read in fluency. Through the practice of spelling skills for student grammar, reading, and writing will increase too much extent. 

Every Child should (with effective help from their parents) should develop their great spelling skills through a major interest in words, interest in regular writing, in constant reading, develop the habit of study of spelling rules, and playing different spelling games.

With small help from their parents, children can highly develop and reinforce their spelling skills just through the following activities given next:

  1. Start regular writing on spelling, punctuation, and some other concepts of English.
  2. Should develop a habit of Constant reading or use of the different reading workbooks.
  3. Do a Frequent study of the spelling rules like the great relationships between the letters and sounds.
  4. spellquiz.com form a very fun way for your child to practice the 7th grade words spelling.
  5. Develop interest in playing different spelling games, different quizzes, or some word games to help in their spelling skills.
  6. Try different Structured computer spelling programs apps.
  7. Personalized the tutoring and great assistance to boost the confidence.
  8. Setting the everyday daily blocks of time for the spelling and reading activities.
  9. Read the Instruction on activities like the word sorts or word boxes. Try to read the game description. 
  10. Create an environment in which everybody spoke the English language. Try to play games in English.

Spellquiz.com teaches a very comprehensive spelling curriculum using these fun activities to highly build a firm and solid spelling foundation. Help your child to excel in spelling just by trying out one of our exercises.

Your children will have a bright future 

The overall importance of the English language is much wider in the field of education. A student studies his\her subjects in the English language. Subjects like Science, Economics, Geography, and History, etc are studied in the English language. If the student knows the basic general rules of English grammar well then the student can very easily write the notes, homework and will achieve the best marks in exams.