Why parents need to spy Facebook?

Parents want to well-aware of the kid’s activities on the social networks running on the phone. Facebook is one of the widely used social messaging apps, and kids are obsessed with it. The young generation using the messenger all day long on their cellphone devices and used to do text messages, chat conversations, voice and video calls, media sharing, and send voice messages to loved ones, friends, and family.

 Apart from the closest ones, teens, these days are interacting with strangers online. Cyber bullying, stalking, bunny hunting, and sex –offenders are on the rise on social media channels. Therefore, parents have to spy on Facebook to make sure the safety of the teens to the fullest.

 Teens are also getting involved in online dating and online hookups with strangers and used to share private photos and videos with strangers. There are plenty of reasons that force parents to know what kids are doing on the cellphone installed social messaging app to make sure the safety using Facebook spy app.

What you need to have Facebook spying app?

Parents are wondering about the activities of the teens on the social networking app like FB, and they want to know every single activity happening on the target cellphone device installed messenger. You can use the Facebook spy software on teen’s phone installed instant messaging app to get the logs of text messages, conversations, voice, and video calls and voice messaging activities.

 You can secretly use it on the target device without root, and you can get to know the hidden activities of the teens on FB with the schedule. The application is user–friendly and easy to install on the target device and you can spy on every activity on Facebook. It has plenty of features that enable parents to get the job done to the fullest.


Facebook spy is the best tool that you can use on a cellphone device running with Android operating systems. You can use it on version 10 and above devices secretly and remotely. It will let you know what your teens are doing on the phone installed messenger to the fullest.

How to install the Facebook monitoring app?

Are you afraid of cyber predators that they can harm your teen obsessed with the social media app? You don’t worry anymore because you can use cellphone spy software on kid’s phones to keep an eye on the social media channels to the fullest. You can get the subscription and receive the credentials through an email sent to you.

Now you can further get physical access on the target device to get started with the process of installation. After you have successfully finished the installation you can activate the application on the target device. Now you can use the credentials and activate the web control panel where you can get your hands on the powerful tools to spy on Facebook. Take a look at the following mentioned tools to make sure kids safety on social media.

Use cellphone spying app Features to spy on Facebook

Live screen recording

Users can remotely get access to the target device using the online dashboard of TheOneSpymobile spy app. It empowers you to record the back to back short videos of the phone screen active with Facebook and send the videos to the web portal. You can watch all the videos and get to know what teens are doing on the messenger in real-time.


Parents can schedule plenty of screenshots at once using the web control panel at the time kids are using FB on cellphones and send the captured screenshots to the dashboard. You can watch all the captured screenshots and get to know what kids are doing.

Facebook call recording

You can use the IM’s tool of the cellphone surveillance app and then use it to record the live FB voice and video calls (one-sided) without root and save the data of the VoIP calls on the dashboard. Moreover, users can also get logs of instant messaging apps by using the social media messenger spy app on the kids’ phone. You can get messages, conversations, media, voice, and video call logs of the messenger.


Facebook spy app is the best tool for parents to spy on the messenger activities to know what kids and teens are doing on it to the fullest.

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