Why You Should Work with a Google Ads Agency

Think about your internet usage. When you want to look something up, from a restaurant to eat at or to find a new product to use at home or the office, which is the first website you navigate to? If you are a normal internet user, you likely go to a search engine, like Google. Google is the first stop on most users’ internet journey, which only further stresses the importance of using Google as a business tool and hiring a Google Ads agency to handle your business advertising.

Google Ads agencies are experts in Google Ads. Google Ads is Google’s network of advertising solutions that appear across all Google properties, like Google Shopping, Maps, and Youtube. Google Ads agencies are digital marketing experts who have experience with marketing products and services using the Google Ads network and have the skills and expertise to run your advertising campaigns in a cost-effective manner.

It can be easy to waste time and money on Google Ads if you are not sure what you are doing. All of Google’s advertising solutions are paid media, so it can be costly to try different mixes of ads just to get enough data to make informed decisions. When you work with a Google Ads agency, the agency running your advertising campaign operations will already have the technical knowledge and relevant experience to draw on to make sure that your ads are effective from the start.

If you or your business is wanting to get started with Google Ads, consider expediting the process and using a Google Ads agency

What Can Google Ads Do?

Going back to our example early on, consider your own internet usage. When you search for something on Google, you get a list of search results that comprise different websites that Google thinks are related to your search terms. Websites work very hard to get their pages ranked first on Google for specific search terms, or keywords. The marketing process they do to rank highly on Google search results is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is just one free way to get to the top. Another way, but paid, is through Google Ads. Google Ads look like normal Google search results except that they always appear at the top of the page. If you are advertising a product with those keywords, Google may display photos and a brief description of your product on Google as well. These are called Google Shopping ads. There are tons of advertising opportunities on Google, which is why working with an agency is so critical.

Why Work with a Google Ads Agency?

As outlined above, there are tremendous opportunities to advertise on Google using their comprehensive Google Ads network. The difficulty is knowing which channels to advertise on, how to bid, and how to properly allocate your budget. 

Rather than toil and struggle to try to figure out the Google Ads ecosystem and training or hiring a dedicated staff to perform ad operations, work with a Google Ads agency and start seeing results immediately. 

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