Witch It – an unforgettable game


Play hide and seek with Witch It! Witch It is an action game developed by Barrel Roll Games for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the fantasy style and the following characteristics can be distinguished: early access, multiplayer, fun, everyday game, action, indie, hidden objects, survival, stealth, strategy, first person, team, fantasy, open world, atmosphere, Family friendly, online co-op, horror, Steam achievements, trade cards, co-op, pixel art, early access, includes level editor, player-to-player, atmosphere, online co-op. You will have access to such game modes as “multiplayer”.


This game is exciting, and the music and images bring the magical world to life, and you really feel like you’re on a witch hunt! Witches can be transformed into any object in the game, but they are limited to a short period of time at the beginning of the game. Hunters throw potatoes and chickens at objects to reveal hidden witches, and strike the body at objects to reveal their true nature. This is probably the most interesting thing I’ve ever gotten to play hide and seek, especially since it all happens in real time with other server players.

Worldwide, Witch It is distributed on a one-time basis by Daedalic Entertainment. The game is currently running and the release date is October 22, 2020. It is not possible to download Witch It for free, including via torrent, as the game is distributed according to the one-time purchase model.

The official description of the game reads: “Witch It is an online hide and seek game. Here brave hunters chase witches, curse their villages, and fun and magic reign around! ”


Recently, developers are increasingly launching projects in which the company of players is divided into two teams and begin to chase each other. This simple and proven over the years mechanics allows you to attract many players, interest them in unusual gameplay and delight your friends with the opportunity to have fun on one card. It is very exciting, at the same time easy to learn and does not require the power of your computer. That’s enough to be able to run, hide and search with pleasure.


It is worth noting that the developers have acted very cleverly with the personalization of the characters – the user, with all his desire, will not be able to gain an advantage by acquiring new skins. That is, each element in the game is purely cosmetic – it changes the appearance of the character, but does not affect his parameters, skills and other points. Thanks to this, experienced players, of course, look more attractive in the game, but this does not affect the game in any way and the new player can feel just as good as an experienced user. This is a nice bonus that is worth paying attention to.


The gameplay is based on the usual game of hide and seek, but here, of course, everything is much more complicated and confusing. Let’s start with the fact that the players are divided into two teams – there are witches who will have to hide, and hunters who will look for these witches. Playing like a witch, you can run around the map, find a cozy corner and turn to the object that is nearby – this is the so-called system of hiding. The hunter, after the beginning of the level, has only one goal – to find the witches that are hidden on the map and catch them. To do this, you can throw all sorts of objects, put a chicken in search of hidden witches in a radius and just think logically. It is true that sometimes it is quite difficult to outsmart one class or another, so the player will have to spend a lot of time trying to lead the teams to victory.


A major advantage of the project is the attitude of the developers to the cards – they are well designed and make it really interesting to hide so that the enemy will never find you. This is important because if the card was too simple and clear, then the player would be difficult to hide, which means that there will be an imbalance with regard to witches. With large spaces with a decent amount of different objects in which the witch can be transformed, the game becomes more interesting and versatile.

The result

The pace of the game is great – there are short rounds of a few minutes, the cards are big, but not so much that the gamer just sits and takes a nap waiting for the end of the race. No, here you have to actively move, observe the movements of the allies, think, invent some tricks and constantly study the characteristics of each location. There are difficult places on each map that hunters usually don’t even know about, and if you know such places, then you are guaranteed mountains of experience to win. You should definitely try it with your friends, it’s a lot of fun.


This is a game that can be played for hours and will not bore you. There are so many ways to play Witch It and each new game will be different from the previous one. Gain new skills and skins as you gain experience and raise the level of your characters. You can even get new forms of props the longer you play and the more items you unlock while playing.

There are several arenas for the game in which voting takes place before each game.

This is a fun game that can be played during Halloween as well as all year round.

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