How Can Women Prevent Urinary Tract Infection?

The infection that develops in the urinary system is known as urinary tract infection. It can occur anywhere in the urinary tract but most commonly occurs in the urethra or bladder.

A common symptom of urinary tract infection is the persistent need to urinate. Other symptoms can include burning sensation and pain while urinating.

As compared to men, women are more prone to urinary tract infections. It happens because the anatomy of their genitals differs. Women have a shorter urethra and a close anus to the urethra. Due to these reasons, bacteria can travel easily from the urethra to the bladder.

Moreover having an anus close to the urethra means that E.coli bacteria- that are present in stool can travel to the urethra with ease. In this article, we will discuss how can women prevent urinary tract infections from occurring as they are more prone to it. If you have symptoms of UTI, visit a urologist in Karachi.

Tips to Prevent Urinary Tract Infection In Women

Women can exercise the following tips to prevent a urinary tract infection;


After using the toilet, you must make a habit of wiping from front to back instead of wiping from back to front.

When you do that, the chances of E.coli bacteria- present in your stool reduces many folds to contaminate the urethra. It is much essential when you have diarrhea as you are unable to control movements.

When you wipe from front to back, urinary tract infections can be prevented that occur due to E.coli bacteria from the anus.

Drink plenty of water


Drinking plenty of water is a must to prevent a urinary tract infection because bacteria and toxins can flush out with ease in urine.

When you drink too little water, your urine becomes dark yellow and concentrated. Whereas the urine color turns light yellow to white when you drink plenty of water.

You must ensure that you drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water in a day. Along with that, you can incorporate other fluids in your routine, such as sparkling water, decaffeinated beverages, milk, or other fluid resources.

Do not hold urine for too long

Avoid holding urine for too long because it can encourage bacterial growth. Do not hold for more than 3 to 4 hours.

When you feel like you need to urinate, do that soon. Practice it more when you are pregnant. It is because, during pregnancy, you are at increased risk of urinary tract infections.

Sex routine

Being sexually active increases the chances of urinary tract infections for women. It happens because, during sex, the penis can push the bacteria back towards the urethra and bladder.

Therefore to reduce its risk, you should urinate before and after sex as it can help flush out bacteria.

Moreover, you can also wash your genitals before and after sex. However, do that with plain water. Do not use soap.

No scented products

Your vagina contains various bacteria that keep it healthy by maintaining the pH. Using scented products for the vagina can kill its normal flora, eventually leading to urinary tract infections. T

herefore to prevent it, you must abstain from douching and using scented vaginal products. Do not use scented tampons, scented pads, or deodorant sprays too.

Birth control methods

You need to know which birth control method is appropriate for you. Using spermicides, diaphragm, and non-lubricated condoms can increase the chances of urinary tract infections for women.


Urinary tract infections are common among women, and they are too painful. Therefore you need to exercise caution to prevent them. If you have burning or pain while urinating, for more information, you can visit oladoc.com.

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