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One of the trending topics in the area of startup platforms is online map listing solutions. In order to set up an online platform in this area you need to choose correct solutions that have required features and are easy to configure and extendable. In this article we will introduce Listdom which is the best map listing WordPress plugin and then how to use that.

WordPress and Listdom Introduction

WordPress is the best CMS in the market which the majority of experts select as their first choice. It is so popular because it is easy to use and at the same time very powerful. With WordPress built-in features you can easily set up your website or blog. On the other hand, it does not have any feature to cover requirements of a map listing platform and Listdom as the best plugin in this area adds all these functionalities to the WordPress. In this article, we will talk about Listdom Lite, Listdom Pro, and Listdom Add-ons in a step by step structure to help you set up your online business as detailed as possible.

Listdom Lite: the Best Free Solution

Listdom Lite is available on WordPress repository and it is the best free map listing WordPress plugin. When you install this plugin from the WordPress backend it will extend the WordPress functionalities and add Listings and Listings menu to the available options. In this section we are going to explain how to use the categorize options, add/manage listings, show listings, add search forms, and change settings.

The first step of setting up your map listing website is adding categorize options. In Listdom you can go to the Listings menu and add categories, locations, features, tags, and labels. The options are everything that you need to categorize your listing. For example, Florida is a good example for a location item.

After that you need to go to the “Add Listing” menu in the same menu and add the listings that you want. Here you can enter title, description, available times, price, contact information, map location, address, and select the categorize options. You need to publish the listings and move to the next step.

Then you need to show the added listings in the front-end. You need to go to the Listdom menu and select the Shortcode sub-menu. In this section you can add shortcodes to show listings in more than 90 different skins and you can select a map with each view that you want. For example half map, grid, list, simple map and so many other options.

The next option which is so necessary is search forms. In the Listdom you can create search forms dynamically and according to your requirements. Please head over to the “Search Builder” menu and create the search forms that you need. As soon as you publish the created search form you will have a search shortcode and you can use it in any page that you want.

The final section which we will explain is the Settings menu in the same section. Here you can define Google Maps API keys, colors, fonts, slugs, archive pages skins, details page skins, and custom styles.

Listdom Pro: Advanced and Easy To Use

Listdom Pro is a paid map listing WordPress plugin and gives you so many advanced and professional features in one package. In this section we are going to explain how you can set up and use just some of them. For example, attributes (custom fields), front-end add listing dashboard, OpenStreetMap, and interactive map search. However, you can see a full detailed list of features on the Listdom official website.

First of all, some websites need to change the add listing form based on each category or for all categories. In this case custom fields feature will be so essential. Listdom pro already provides this feature in the Attributes menu of Listing menu and you can add custom fields per/all categories.

Secondly if you are looking to increase the number of listings by giving ability to the users and visitors to add their listings. Listdom Pro provides you a front-end dashboard shortcode which you can easily add to a WordPress normal page and have this amazing functionality.

If you are concerned about paid map providers and their bills Listdom Pro solve this issue for you. This version supports OpenStreetMap which is a free map provider and does not need API Key anymore.

The final item which we are going to talk about is map interactive search functionality. You can enable this feature for each map shortcode that is created. When you enable this every time that a visitor moves the map they will see the result based on their map visible area.

Listdom Add-ons: Unique and Wonderful Extensions

Listdom provides more than 20 great add-ons which each one can make your business unique. For example, “Listdom Advanced Map Add-on” gives you features like “auto gps”, direction, price markers, labels marker, external direction, and …

There are lots of other addons which you can see in the official Listdom Add-ons page.


Listdom Lite, Listdom Pro, and Listdom Addons are great solutions to create a map listing platform without requiring any technical knowledge. They provide everything in any level that you need with the best quality.