Your Station, Your Shrine: The Top 5 Studio Desks, June 2022”

SUBHEADING: Don’t worry about if you’re asking for too much. Top-shelf studio desks set the standard for personal desk setups, covering all bases. Pick your new assistant from this talented pool of candidates and never worry about hiring a new one.


Studio desks represent a genre of desks that casts a wide net in terms of defining features and capabilities. Depending on the activity or purpose you intend for it, a studio desk can be whatever you fancy, whatever you want it to be. So, if you have multiple needs and must regularly engage in a diverse array of work, a studio desk might be just what you’re looking for.


Some of these following desks are geared more toward music production, others toward work, some toward gaming, and still others more general use or however you decide to utilize them.


5. BK Media Height Adjustable Work Station Studio Desk (BK Media)

Cost: $199.99

Measurements: 31.5 inches wide, 24.2 inches deep, 24-39 inches tall

Overall: If your studio desk wishes are on the humbler side, the BK Media Height Adjustable Work Station might be more your speed. This marks our most affordable studio desk on the list yet also weakest. The height adjustability will prove attractive, but because the BK Media’s so scrawny and its loadbearing capabilities so modest, it may get overwhelmed easily. It also features two tiers so you can separate your monitor, keyboard, and maybe a few other items. But again, it won’t be able to hold much more than that.


4. StudioRTA Producer Station Studio Desk (StudioRTA)

Cost: $399.99

Measurements: 72 inches wide, 30 inches deep, 41 inches tall

Overall: With a slide-out keyboard shelf, dual rack spaces, and pull-out upper shelf, the Studio RTA Producer Station demonstrates a studio desk that values storage and compactness equally. That said, it’s still gargantuan, which should hold massive appeal for people who need large workstations or dual screen setups. That said, one knock against it has to be the style. I’m not sure who was behind the aesthetics decision-making on this one, but they were clearly off the mark. Its look makes it come off even more cumbersome, and the tone and finish seem vintage in all the wrong ways.


3. WS7500 System Studio Desk (On-Stage Stands)

Cost: $499.99

Measurements: 73 inches wide, 24-27 inches deep, 30-38 inches tall

Overall: Now one for the weirdos and creatives (not necessarily, but you can tell from the picture why I said that). Alongside the main workstation sit a corner piece and a rack cabinet, which can be put together into a vaguely L-shaped model. Hard to imagine what the ideal room layouts for a studio desk shaped like this would be, but you can’t deny this studio desk’s charm. And with all that length, the WS7500 System provides expansive surface area that you can implement however you wish. It comes with an upper shelf, a keyboard tray, and an underneath rack for added storage capacity. But the shape will undoubtedly present problems to a lot of potential buyers, which shows some lack of foresight in its conceptual design.


2. Nucleus 2 Studio Desk (Ultimate Support)

Cost: $1,399.99

Measurements: 84 inches wide, 44 inches deep, 39 inches tall

Overall: At nearly fourteen-hundred bucks, Ultimate Support’s Nucleus 2 stands out as the most expensive studio desk on this top ranking by a mile. It’s also the largest, at 84 inches wide and 44 inches deep. And if that wasn’t enough, extra 12-inch extensions are thrown in for good measure. So, the priorities of this studio desk begin to come into focus. It possesses a utilitarian U-shaped design that allows you to centralize your workplace while keeping important things within reach. The strong body of the Nucleus 2, as well as its rock-solid monitor shelf, guarantee this thing is built to last. Question is: Is it really worth that huge of an investment? Outside of the superior materials and design, it’s pretty rudimentary, with no extra features unless you’re including the extensions.


1. AED70 Studio Gaming Studio Desk (Eureka Ergonomic)

Cost: $359.99

Measurements: 72 inches wide, 24 inches deep, 30-38 inches tall

Overall: Gotta hand it to ’em—they had the boldness to name it “the Studio,” and they had the expertise to deliver one. That earned the AED70 Studio its spot at the top of the list. One of the larger studio desks on this best-of ranking, the AED70 Studio provides vast amounts of surface space, storage space, and legroom. A well-designed cold rolled steel frame holds up to 400 pounds while a sophisticated angled shape provides it with stability that doesn’t suggest it’ll weaken anytime soon, or ever. The AED70 also happens to be marketed as a gaming desk, so it boasts features that make it more unique than the above-listed studio desks—not the least of which being vibrant, controllable RGB lighting available in an array of colors and patterns. The studio desk includes dual monitor shelves that double as storage shelves, a full-surface micro-woven mousepad, a keyboard tray, a cupholder, a controller stand, dual slots for mobile devices or e-readers, a headset hook, and organizational features to help keep everything neat. Not only does the AED70 Studio offer everything a studio desk could possibly offer, but the quality of the materials speaks for itself, and the producer went out of their way to attach numerous additional amenities to please the buyer—something you didn’t see the other listed producers give too much thought to. And, on top of all that, it’s AFFORDABLE. For an all-encompassing, total-experience, I-have-everything-I-need studio desk, I point you to the AED70 Studio.