Outdoor sports have their value. Well, each one of us requires some activity that is both adventurous and fun-filled at the same time. But what makes an outdoor activity even more interesting is the amazing challenge that it puts forward. There are many challenging outdoor activities available

Whether one is straddling on water, or challenging your friends over performing a particular skill, or rolling over, it’s very hard, in fact, it is impossible not to enjoy zorbing. A zorb ball is a large flexible plastic ball that you can climb into. This is essentially quite similar to a giant hamster inflatable ball for humans, but the hard shells that rodents have are not. It can also be used on grass, snow, ice, or water. There is zorbing for every type of game, many people have gone deeper into the gaming and have innovated Zorb ball soccer, water zorbing, zorb sumo wrestling, etc.

That is not it, people have uploaded many videos on the internet on various platforms such as YouTube and other TV shows. Zorbing has started​ to become a pop culture sensation. While, the more people one sees on social media and elsewhere, the more famous one can become by zorbing. Besides these, the flexible plastic balls can also act as a profitable business and can earn the person a huge amount of money. The Zorb Balls​ or Zorbing can become the “next big and sensational sport”. One can buy a Zorb Ball and get the right adventure for others as well as for himself.

For buying high-quality and genuine Zorb Ball, consider getting it from Kameymall– it is one of the best E-commerce websites encompassing major products rich in both quality and looks. This article is all about new experiences in zorbing and a complete guide to people who are trying their hands on zorbing for the first time. Let us explore this quirky yet fun-filled adventurous sport.

History of Zorbing

Well, these huge balls may sound new to many people, but this concept is way too old. This concept revolves around the Hamster wheel. The hamster wheel was initially used to hold pets and rodents in houses and laboratories.

The first life-size inflatable ball as we know it today was invented in 1975 by the French architect Gilles Ebersolte. Ebersolt, who was still a teenager when this idea occurred to him. He made a giant ball called “ballule” (which means “bubble” in French). The ballule used a reverse vacuum to seal, but it was essentially the same as the modern zorb ball. Though this invention was registered with the Conseil de Prud’hommes, it was never converted into a commercial product. The first-ever commercial Hamster ball or the “Zorb Ball” was invented by Andrew Akers and Dwayne van der Sluis of Rotorua, New Zealand, who founded the company Zorb Limited in 1994.

In the famous movie “Operation Condor” where we can observe Jackie Chan rolling down a hilly surface in a giant inflatable ball. In the 90’s famous TV show American Gladiators, a massive Hamster ball was used in the game. It is not uncommon to witness huge inflated balls in famous movies​ and TV shows.

Zorb Ball Design

Zorb Ball’s design is very simple apparently, though it is a lot more complicated in actuality. Basically, it’s a vinyl or PVC ball wrapped in a larger second ball. These balls are tied with hundreds of small nylon ropes. The outer balloon is then inflated by a professional blower. The user enters the inner sphere through a tunnel tube. Some balls have one entrance, while others have two. This makes​ a Zorb Ball a convenient sport other than being fun-filled and adventurous.

Zorbing Guide

Soon after the Zorb Ball came into existence, people started looking for new ways to have fun. In recent years, Zorb parks have sprung up around the world, especially in many parts of the US. These parks often host various indoor and outdoor activities for the whole family. One of the most popular zorb ball games is rolling down the hilly surface and witnessing the most phenomenal experience. Well, one can find various other Zorb ball games. Zorbing is also very common on water surfaces where the person can literally ‘walk’ or ‘run’ on the water surface to experience the never-before feeling. However, if you are looking forward to starting a Zorbing business, you should buy only genuine and high-quality Zorb Ball. These are just surfaces where the Zorb ball is rolled over. There are various zorb games also which are highly popular such as Zorb ball soccer, Zorb Ball wrestling, etc. These are highly interesting and fun-filled. These are simply the best option for those who are looking forward to some fun and challenge at the same time.

Since there are various risks​ and dangers associated with the amazing sport, you should be sure that you buy a Zorb Ball only from an authentic store. It is also important to keep in mind the reviews about the company prior. This will prevent you from buying a low-grade product without authentic reviews and ratings.