4 Best Garage Shelving Options for Easy Storage

The garage is undoubtedly an underrated part of every home. It’s a great superhero that houses many of our storage woes. The best part about having a garage is that you can turn it into just about anything, provided you have creative designs. Getting creative with your garage is a great way to elevate your garage from its normal role as a workshop, storage space, or car parking spot. It involves transforming your space into a highly functional, practical, simple, and organized space. This article highlights four of the best garage decor ideas you can implement.

1.    Unique Roofing And Flooring

Thanks to the evolution and advancement of design, countless garage flooring and roofing options are available. The choice you make depends on what you plan to use your upgraded garage for, whether it’s a home office, a gym, a storage facility, or many more. Many of us consider roof replacements and floor repairs as simple weekend DIY projects we can tackle in seconds.


However, the truth is that many of these projects require the expertise of skilled personnel. To save yourself the headache and hard work when fixing a new floor, it helps to hire garage roof replacements contractors that are experienced in the trade.

2.    Color Makes It Pop

Do you want to bring your old, dull garage to life without breaking the bank? Consider adding a pop of color. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to revive your garage, depending on your intended use. For example, if you’re transforming your garage into a living space, you can use a different color scheme from the exterior, which isn’t very common with garages. For new living spaces like guest rooms and home offices, consider using light-colored paint to brighten up the garage, making the space look larger than it is.

3.    Design Your Storage

Many homeowners utilize their garages as storage spaces, but with boxes strewn everywhere in a haphazard manner, finding items can be scary and overwhelming. One creative way of designing your garage includes modernizing your storage and making it more accessible.

Modern storage includes using areas such as the ceiling and walls.


It becomes easier to store even more items than you usually would within your garage with floating shelves and hanging carriers. These creative storage ideas become even more effective when you employ your garage as a livable space.

4.    Light Up The Garage

When getting creative with your garage design, one must never overlook the great benefit of lighting. When planning out your design ideas, it is best to add lighting with windows and glass. You can consider frosted glass, hanging light fixtures, or actual windows that admit natural light.

Lights are great in garages because they turn these naturally gloomy spaces into bright, lively areas that hold activities with ease.


You can play around with different fixture designs or light colors, depending on what your space will be used for. There are but a few creative additions you can make to your garage to transform it into a liveable work of art. From lights to color and roofing repairs, you get to make your garage look good, increase your overall home value, and enjoy a spacious area where you can work, rest, or exercise.