What devices should you bring on your trip? Well, every trip comes with its demands. The best answer is to bring as many devices as you can. You may need your phone to connect with loved ones while you’re away or a laptop to keep up with business. However, taking expensive and sensitive gadgets with you as you travel is not all fun. It’s your responsibility to keep gadgets safe. On that note, here are a few tips to help you protect your gadgets when traveling.

Keep Them Organized

The first thing to do is to be rigorous with the traveling gadget selection process. Don’t take any gadget you have no use for as it only adds to your burden. The fewer gadgets you have, the more efficient you can be with organizing and protecting them.

It’s also crucial to keep all gadgets in one bag as you travel. Phones, cameras, and other accessories are portable and can fit in a small hand carry. Some slim-cased laptops from brands like Lenovo can also be a great addition to your gadget bag because of their lightweight.

You may need a thicker and separate bag if your laptop or any other device is heavy-duty weight. You can sync content from your laptop to your phone, so you don’t need to worry if you can’t carry a heavy-duty device onboard. Hand-carry luggage bags are a perfect choice since many airlines will allow passengers to have them aboard. That way, you can always keep your eyes on the gadgets.

Avoid Using Public WiFi

It’s tempting to use public roaming and WiFi when traveling. It can help reduce data charges, but it exposes you to another danger—cybersecurity. Hackers find it easier to steal data from public connected devices and systems than private options. So, it’s best to stay away from public WiFi connections for security’s sake. According to a new IBM survey, about 70 percent of travelers have engaged in risky activities that expose them to cyber attacks.

Using a trustworthy VPN can be a great alternative, especially if it has a good end-to-end encryption feature. Tech experts also advise against charging your phones and other gadgets at public USB power stations. They may have been tampered with, and after charging, you may carry malware that gives hackers access to your phone.

Install a Tracker

The unfortunate can happen. You may leave your gadgets bag on a counter as you fill out forms, answer immigration questions, or after leaving public transport. It might be easier to find and retrieve your misplaced gadget if it didn’t take too long to realize the loss. But some people can leave phones in taxis and only realize it when they check-in and are about to unpack. That’s a long period, and you may not get a good Samaritan to bring you your missing gadgets. In that case, installing a tracker on your devices is a good idea.

Backup Data

Backing up data on all your gadgets can help if you lose your gadget through theft or a repair issue. You can get another external storage option for your camera photos before leaving home.

It has become easier to back your data up via the cloud for maximum protection.

Generally, these tips can help you safeguard gadgets and accessories if your journey without them is impossible.